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Tudor is a brand of watches made by Rolex. The brand name was chosen as a way to pay homage to the Tudor period in England. In essence, a Tudor watch is also a Rolex watch. In fact, the man who created Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, is the same man who created Tudor. Perhaps the only difference between the two is that Tudor is moderately priced. In terms of quality, some may argue that Rolex is the better brand of the two, although there should really be no competition, as Tudor watches are made to the same standards that Rolex timepieces adhere to. What makes Tudor special, though, is that it was the brand chosen by the French Navy for its divers in the late 60’s. Tudor was also chosen by the US Navy for its Navy Seals and UDT. Today, one of the most notable celebrities that wear Tudor watches is Tiger Woods. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch BrandsBest Tudor Watches to Own (for Men)