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The luxury watch industry is one industry that’s quite hard to break in to. For the past hundred years, only a few companies were able to achieve success during their first several years. Among these companies is U-Boat, which was founded only in 2004 by Matt Baily Marchand de Montres de Bijoux. Due to the company’s innovativeness, however, it didn’t take long before it gained attention from watch aficionados. Perhaps this is because the company focused on limited edition watches during its first year. These watches were unique in style and are really interesting. Eventually, U-Boat had to choose creating a higher-end product, but keep production numbers low. This has led to more customers finding U-Boat watches reliable and of a high quality. Even Sylvester Stallone himself became a huge fan of the brand. U-Boat is now more than a decade old, and at the rate they are going with their masterpieces, there is no doubt they are on their way to becoming a very successful watchmaking company. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch Brands