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A sister to the U-Boat watch brand, Welder is another outstanding watch brand by designer Italo Fontana. Just like their predecessors, Welder watches are also designed and made in Italy and come in all shapes and sizes. What makes Welder unique is that it has a range of watches available that are specifically designed for the right hand. Welder watches are available in both circular and square shapes, and feature either traditional dials or chronographs, depending on the model. The timepieces also incorporate 3-D dials, which make the Welder watches really cool and unique. Wearers will find Welder watches very raw and kind of industrial in look and design. This is proof that the Welder watch brand has indeed moved beyond the design realms of the standard wristwatch and onto more designs and features that make Welder timepieces versatile. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch BrandsBest Selling Welder Watches for Men