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Wenger was founded in 1893 in Swiss Jura. The success of the company has always been grounded on a passion for outstanding craftsmanship, innovation, and precision. Perhaps one of the most well-known product made by the company is the Swiss Army Knife. Despite having been established in the late 1800’s, however, it was only in 1988 that Wenger started producing timepieces. Today, Wenger watches are divided into two major categories: Classic Metropolitan and Sport Dynamic. Generally, Wenger watches are designed and built based on the same concept as that of the Swiss Army Knife – to have multifunctional outdoor focus. However, Wenger also has a collection of watches that focuses only on elegance and pure style. What consumers love about the brand is that Wenger delivers timepieces that are not only nice looking, but are most importantly comfortable and totally reliable. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch BrandsBest Wenger Watches for Men