Top 8 Men’s Watches in the Movies & Favorite Brands. Celebrity Watches Loved by Stars.

In this article we will discuss some of the most stylish celebrity watches seen in the movies which were worn by some of the most popular Hollywood celebrities.

The relationship between man and his watch is just like the relationship between a man and his care. First of all there is no argument to the fact that we don’t just wear watches for time keeping rather. We also wear these watches to look attractive and stylish.

Probably, the reason why we are discussing celebrity watches is that these are the people who are being followed by the masses and there are a lot of crazy fans of these celebrities in almost all the countries of the world.

Finally, if you are one of the fans of any of the celebrities which will be mentioned in the article then in such a case this article will serve as a source of rich information for you.

8 Best Celebrity Watches seen in the Movies

The list of celebrities’ watches is long and it seems like it would not be possible to discuss all of those watches in a single article. Hence in this particular article to make things easier for our readers we will be discussing only 7 best Watches in the Movies.


Casey Neistat & Garmin

Model:  Garmin Fenix 5X

Casey Neistat – famous YouTube blogger – falls out a little bit from our common list of celebrities. But we live in 21st century and internet celebrities became just a matter of fact.

Casey is fond of sports and no wonder the running watch of his choice is Garmin smartwatch (models: Fenix 5X and Gear S3).

Despite the fact that Garmin is more famous for specialization in GPS technology development, they also compete with smartwatch and activity tracker producers such as Fitbit and Apple.

Speaking about Casey Neistat watch – Garmin Fenix 5X model, it has top-notch set of features: sapphire glass, 100 meters water resistance, Bluetooth, WI-Fi and what is most important – huge battery life!

The price tag is very compelling for such a well-built masterpiece – under $1000. Just check it out yourself here.


Tom Cruise & Bremont

celebrity watches
Model: Bremont Model: Alt1-C/SI

When you talk about popular celebrities then the name of Tom Cruise cannot be ignored. The actor has been a part of several movies and is surely the part of A-list category.

Tom Cruise has been regularly seen wearing a Bremont model. The Bremont model watches are authoritative and perhaps that’s the reason why the watch is being preferred by Tom cruise.

The brand of Bremont was actually established by two former designers of aircrafts and perhaps this is the reason why many components of the watch are quite similar to aircraft components.

Most noteworthy the price of the watch is very much reasonable as compared to many other popular brands. And it is being said that one of the watches bought by Tom Cruise cost him $5000.

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Leonardo DiCaprio & Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Leonardo DiCaprio watch
Model: TAG Heuer Carrera

Leonardo DiCaprio certainly qualifies in the list of A-list actors. The famous titanic actor has gained fame all over the world and has been awarded Oscar as well.

So the watch which has been preferred by Dicaprio is Tag Heur. Decaprio has been seen wearing the Carrera Chronograph model of the brand.

The cost of this model is very modest as compared to some of the other models of the brand.

So, in a nutshell Tag Heur is one the most popular brands in the market. Though the company is majorly known for the watch manufacturing however recently they have expanded their operations to the other fashion related businesses as well.

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Jason Statham & Panerai

celebrity watches
Model: Officine Panerai Luminor  PAM 89

Jason Statham will always be known for action packed movies. The watch which is being preferred by Statham is Panerai.

In addition, the watch has been worn by him in his famous movie “The Transporter”.

The Panerai brand started its journey by helping the frogmen in World War II of course through their products. The brand has signed major business deals with Ferrari.

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Usher & Rolex

usher rolex
Model: Rolex Milgauss

The watch preferred by the famous singer Usher is Rolex. Probably, there would not be a person in this world who would not know about Rolex.

Recently the brand was classed as the 57th most flourishing / power brand in the world by Forbes.

The class and quality of Rolex is unique and the company has been a market leader for decades now.

No one should be surprised if popular celebrities like Usher likes wearing it.

The singer has been seen many times wearing Rolex and seems his association with the brand is never ending.

If you are a Usher fan consequently the watch which must be preferred by you is Rolex.

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Robert Downey & Jaeger LeCoultre

robert downey jr Jaeger LeCoultre

Model: Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Automatic Rose Gold

In Our list of celebrity watches or celebrities’ watches the fifth one is Jaeger Lecoultre.

The watch is preferred by Robert Downey who is well known for his Iron Man series and Sherlock homes. Though the actor has finally gained lot of fame however a few people know that he has been the part and parcel of screen since the age of five.

Since we know he is the only celebrity who likes to wear Jaeger LeCoultre products. Robert was seen wearing the watch in all the promotional appearances linked with iron man, a movie which went as block buster.

The brand is also popular due to their manufacturing of smallest caliber.

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John Travolta, David Beckham & Breitling

travolta and beckham Breitling
Model: Breitling Navitimer Chronograph

In Our list of celebrity watches or celebrities’ watches the sixth one is Breitling.

So, you all must know about John Travolta who is well known for his leading roles in movies like Face-off, punisher and Broken Aero.

Since the actor has a long career hence this is the reason why he is so much interested in Breitling.

The brand has been there in the market for some time now and as a result had a long association with David Beckham who was a popular football player and captain of England’s national football team.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Audemars Piguet

arnold schwarznegger Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore The Legacy swiss-automatic mens Watch
Model: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore The Legacy

Continuing with our list of Celebrity Watches or celebrities’ watches the last one is Audemar piguet.

Actually, the powerful brand has a produced many watches for the famous Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In fact the company had a collaboration with Arnold Schwarzenegger who himself is known as a watch collector.

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In conclusion, these were the some seven best celebrities’ watches in the movies.

Though we have already stated that the subject is huge and there are a lot of watches which can be discussed in this regard.

The celebrities are too many in this world and each one must have his or her own choice so keeping this fact in mind the list can go on and on.

We hope that the above mentioned information will be useful to you and will surely impact your watch purchasing decisions in the future.