Chapter 1 – What Tools and Equipment do you need?

Watch Photography Tips & Tutorials - Chapter 1 - What Tools and Equipment do you need

Watch Photography Tips & Tutorials - Chapter 1 - What Tools and Equipment do you need

In this chapter, you will encounter the different types of basic to advanced equipment that you will need to reach the level of mastery desired in watch photography. You will discover what camera, tripod, etc. will help you produce astonishing photos. You should at least familiarize the different equipment needed in watch photography. This will also keep you going in the next chapters of this book.


Watch Photography Tips - Camera

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I receive a lot of comments regarding the type of camera I use in taking watch photos. In macro photography, it is a common notion that the bigger the size of the camera the greater the results. This is not applicable in watch photography based on the opinion of experienced watch photographers. For starters, it is a challenge to figure out which camera is best for taking watch photos. In watch photography, it is preferable to use small size cameras.

The most significant factor that you should consider in choosing a camera is its macro performance. Research the camera that has outstanding macro performance rating and you will be just fine in watch photography. And cameras with at least 4 mega pixels are more suitable in shooting small objects. Don’t forget to check if the camera you buy has a tripod mount that allows the camera to be attached to the tripod. This is very important because using a tripod is essential in photography. Cameras with tripod mount are more expensive than others. But if you are really after quality, better disregard its monetary disadvantage. Budget is one factor that you should have predetermined in buying a camera. You must pick the camera that has flexible manual controls. This will enable you to grow with your camera through time. You will explore the techniques with the camera’s settings that will fit any setting that you will encounter in photography.

After reading this book, you will realize that the camera is not the main equipment that will directly contribute to the quality of the outputs. There is a wide array of photography essentials that you must take into consideration before getting complaisant that you will succeed in watch photo taking. But despite this fact, having a premium quality camera with great controls is a huge contribution especially if you already mastered your cameras strengths and weaknesses.

In my opinion, having a digital camera with basic macro mode is sufficient to produce high quality photos. This book will highlight the features and functions of cameras with macro mode.

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Watch Photography Tips - Tripod

This is the three legged stand that is attached to the camera. A tripod is every photographer’s must have. In macro photography, the detail of small objects is being elevated. This is the reason why cameras with macro mode are preferred in watch photography. Using a tripod, it is easier to maintain the focus of the camera because even the slightest movement can create a blurry effect. It is a challenge to hand-held a camera then produce a sharp ultra focus photo. If you use a tripod, you will keep the camera in a fixed and stable position that will not disrupt the focus of the camera thus increasing the sharpness of the photo.

There is no need to buy high end tripods to come up with great photos of watches. You can find tripods that will fit your budget. They come in a wide variety of pricing.

Affordable Tripods


Watch Photography Tips - Light Box

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Indoor shooting requires more than sufficient amount of light for greater effects. In photography, light is every photographer’s best friend. With proper lighting, you have the power to control the effects of the photos. If you are new to photography, keep in mind that the lighting is a very essential factor. Play with the lighting because you will learn from each of your experience that you can apply in your entire journey in photography. In indoor photography, having a reliable light box is a requirement. Though you can create your own light box, light boxes that are being sold in markets are easier and more convenient to use. Make sure you purchase a high quality light box that will not make you regret in the future.


Watch Photography Tips - Photo Editing Software

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A photo editing software is important to touch-up the raw outputs. Although you can still take good photos with just the basic photography equipment, photo editing software will help you improve and re-touch your takes. You need to look for the photo editing software that offers the editing package that you can take advantage in your growth photography. Given the flexible and friendly editing software, you have the unlimited opportunity to come up with photos that will fit your objectives. There is plenty of photo editing software that you can find over the internet. There are even some that you can download for free. One of the most popular photo editors is Photoshop. There are various versions of Photoshop available. Photoshop is actually rated as one of the top photo editing software currently. For starters, this is the usual top pick. But for me, personally, Photoshop also has its weak points especially after getting used to it for quite a time. It has a very diverse feature and functions and most of them are not very useful in watch photography. But if you are a professional photographer and watch photography is just one aspect of your expertise, the package is worth its cost. If your monetary budget is not limited, you will not go wrong with Photoshop. For novice users, Photoshop might not be cost efficient. There are reliable professional photo editing software that comes free when you purchase a camera or any other photography equipment. They also come with trial versions that will allow you to explore the software and decide whether it will suit what you are looking for. Photo editing software also comes with a manual to help you in your first few encounters.

In this book, I will introduce you to my favorite editing software called GIMP. This software can be downloaded for free. Though it is free, its features are very useful and practical. It is very suitable for those who are searching for decent software at no cost. GIMP enables you to retouch photos, create images, and authorize your work. GIMP was originally used by LINUS operating system and recently applied by Apple and Microsoft. You can download GIMP in their website


Your objective in taking great photos is to eventually share it to others. Your hard work do not deserve to be hidden in the storage your computer. Whether you are a paid or still a developing photographer, you need a photo host where you can show your work to the public. A photo host is where you can upload your photo for the world to see. In watch photography, having an influential photo host is vital. This is where timepiece enthusiasts, potential targets, or customers will realize your goals. Given the advancement of our technology today, there are already many photo hosts that are free and easy to use.


Some accessories play very helpful roles in watch photography. For starters, below are the most important accessories that you should greatly consider buying. If you want to produce the best watch photographs, these accessories are absolutely of help.

  • Watch Stand

A watch stand is a requirement in watch photography. If you have already started in watch photography or you are personally fond of timepieces, you must have own a watch stand already. If you do not have one yet, you can buy at a very affordable price. If you are shooting a light-weight watch, it is more suitable to use the clear all-acrylic watch stand. But for watches with metal bracelet, this type of watch stand is not recommended.

  • White Poster Board

A white poster board has many functions in photography. You can use it as your background or as an instant source of light. It has a light reflector that brightens your photos instantly.

  • White Printer Paper

Do not underestimate the magic that a white printer paper can do to your work. A white printer paper has so many uses in photography. Bringing a couple of white papers on your shoot can make a very huge difference to your takes.

  • Can of Compressed Air

One of the horrors in taking watch photos is the inevitable effect of dust to your takes. Bringing a can of compressed air can clear out dust that disturbs the clarity of the photos. This will save you time in editing your photos afterwards. A quick blast of compressed air can clean your camera lenses as well as the surface of the subject itself.

Discussed above are the major equipments that are relevant in watch photography. Having these tools will get you started in taking great watch photos.

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