Cheap & Affordable Marc Jacobs Watches for Women (Under $200)

Marc by Marc Jacobs is a known brand for their quality yet modern designs. The prices on their wide range of products vary from affordable to almost luxurious. I know it’s a staple in any woman’s outfit so to help you out, let’s start looking at the cheap and affordable watches they have for women. These watches have one thing in common—fashionable, yet classic and elegant.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s MBM3054 Amy Midsize White Dial Watch

Marc by Marc Jacobs Women's MBM3054

To start off the list is this sleek silver watch that will definitely go well with anything. It features three hands that’s perfect for anyone who wants to look at the seconds too. There are a lot of luxury watches that don’t even have a seconds hand, so while it looks expensive and luxurious, it won’t provide you with the most basic measurement of time. Luckily, this Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Midsize White Dial watch is affordable enough yet very useful as well. when it comes to design, you won’t mistake it for another watch because the modern stainless steel top ring has the signature Marc by Marc Jacobs logo on it. with accent crystals and a clear white dial, you won’t find it hard to look at the time. a definite must-have for the woman on the go.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Baby Dave Champagne Dial Teal Leather Unisex Watch MBM1263


Definitely a head turner, this teal leather wrist watch is every fashionable ladies’ must have. It is water resistant for up to 50 meters, so it’s not just another good looking watch. The teal leather and gold stainless steel combination makes it look rich, sophisticated, and it’s even good enough to wear with anything. Who says that you have to always wear matchy-matchy colors from head to toe? Even if you’re wearing a floral print dress, or a white Sunday dress, this watch will see to it that your outfit will exude the right amount of style to give you the confidence you need.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s MBM1150 Amy White Dial Watch


A woman can never have too many white possessions. White gives off radiance, sophistication, and style. Not everyone has the guts to wear a white accessory because well, even if it’s a neutral color, some people still think that it’s one color that won’t go well with a lot of outfits. Let me change your mind now. this Amy white dial watch is elegant and stylish, making sure that your outfits will never be a drab. It features a modern stainless steel gold tones logo top ring, a clear white dial with gold markings to ensure that you’re never going to have to squint down to check the time, and a smooth white leather strap that will catch anyone’s attention. The size is big enough to look bold and modern, yet comfortable enough on your wrist. the buckle holes have gold rings which also make it unique.


4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Dinky Gold Quartz Women’s Watch – MBM1240


Bold, rich, and ever sophisticated. This Henry Dinky Gold watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs is the perfect watch to layer with your favorite bracelets, and it’s even good enough to wear on its own. Because of its simple design and versatile color, you can wear it at school, in the office, or even during formal dinners. When you’re out with your friends in your cuffed pants and loose v-neck shirt, there’s no doubt about the power of this watch to turn your outfit into something a paparazzi would like to take a picture of. Instead of the logo top ring that the previous watches have, this one has the logo around the dial. You can pretend that those letters are numbers, actually. All in all, this watch is not just easy on the pocket for a designer watch, but it’s also something that you’ll wear day in and day out.


5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Dial Rose Gold-tone Ladies Watch MBM3223


Now this is a watch for the runway. This Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Dial Rose Gold-Tone watch is something unique and fashionable. Whoever said that watches can’t be too flashy, certainly hasn’t seen the power of effectively mixing sophistication with modern designs. The chain link rose gold tone bracelet gives way to the reflective crystals adorning the top ring. These crystals are not just your ordinary crystals either. They light-reflective, meaning it’s not just boring shiny white day in and day out, but it reflects the color of its surroundings, like your outfit. A true chameleon when it comes to design, this one of a kind watch is not just a fancy accessory, but a way to keep yourself organized throughout the day.

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Silver Dial Two Tone Stainless Steel Women’s Watch – MBM3139


Now here’s a modern classic. Two tone stainless steel watches are also chameleons in a way that they’re pretty perfect for everything. It’s the go-to watch when you’re running late, doing errands, or when you’re PMS-ing about every single thing that you put on. with its silver textured dial and gold indices, three hands and Marc by Marc Jacobs top ring, it’s simple enough to pair with anything, yet structured and helpful enough to give off that professional and polished look.

7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s MBM3074 Henry Classic Chronograph Rose Gold Watch


The most functional of the list, this Henry Classic Chronograph stays true to its name. it’s a classic that blends trends with utility. With three sub dials and a date window to add to the classic vibe of the chronograph, this watch is your next best friend when in stress. The thin top ring and deep dial makes the watch look more interesting, and the chunky chain links with a little more gap than usual make it look like it’s been loved for ages. But don’t be mistaken—the shine on this watch makes it look brand new.

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