Cheap & Affordable Nixon Watches for Women (Under $100)

Nixon watches are stylish and comfortable watches to wear. They specialize in hip, trendy, yet classy watches for the modern day women. Here are cheap and affordable Nixon watches for you girls who want to buy something that’s both fashionable and easy on the budget.

1. Nixon Sentry Leather Silver White Dial Stainless Steel Unisex Watch A105391

Nixon Sentry Leather Silver White Dial Stainless Steel Unisex Watch A105391

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Talk about being sophisticated, right? This Nixon Sentry Leather Silver and White Stainless Steel Unisex watch is a mixture of vintage and modern. The white leather bracelet makes it look extremely classy, and the silver and white dial gives it that vintage vibe. I’m sure you’ll love wearing this watch down, not that it doesn’t already look fabulous. It goes with any style of dress, but I suggest wearing it with sporty dresses. It also comes with a date and week of the day window.

2. Nixon Time Teller Acetate Watch – Women’s

Nixon Time Teller Acetate Watch - Women's

Time for a sophisticated looking watch that’s sure to take your breath away. The black and gold combination on this Nixon Time Teller acetate watch is all sorts of sophisticated. The chronograph dial is made to look elegant with the gold seconds hand and gold line indicators. A woman can never have enough black watches, right? This design comes in many different colors—purple, gold/molasses, gray granite, and white granite. Take your pick! This watch is powered by Swiss quartz movement, durable mineral crystal that protects the watch from scratches, and of course, it’s water resistant. this casual watch is all you need when you’re too busy to care about what to wear. Such a fashionable steal at a great price.

3. Nixon Vega Stainless Steel Watch – Women’s

Nixon Vega Stainless Steel Watch - Women's

No, we did not Photoshop this bracelet to look like a watch. this is actually a watch. Okay, have you recovered from the initial shock of this gorgeous watch? Now, time to listen. This antique looking Vega Stainless steel watch by Nixon is nothing but fashionable. It comes in two colors—purple and white. Take your pick. It’s great for stacking up bracelets on your wrist, yet very useful because, duh, it’s a watch. No one will ever guess that you’re wearing a watch. Now that’s a total win for all you fashionable ladies out there. And don’t worry, it doesn’t look tacky at all. on the contrary, this watch is a keeper.


4. Nixon – Kensington Leather – Washed Denim / Cream

Nixon Women's Kensington Leather Watch

There’s no such thing as having too much denim. In keeping with the revived denim craze today (as in denim button downs, daisy dukes, denim cuffs, and dark wash denim bags), Nixon gives you this Kensington Leather-washed denim watch. The thin denim strap makes a great contrast with the round and sleek face. This watch gives you more street cred than talking dirty. And who says you have to be grunge and metal when you want to have street cred? Although the material of this watch makes it look tough, you can still dress this up with a white dress, white shorts, or white denim pants. The backing on this watch is leather, so you don’t have to worry about wearing your denim down when you sweat during the day.


5. Nixon The Motif Women’s Quartz Watch A025-307

Nixon The Motif Women's Quartz Watch A025-307

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At first glance, you’ll notice how the dial design created depth. This Nixon Motif Women’s watch is a keeper for anyone who wants to stay fashionable, and still have a great watch. The blue and silver color combination makes it look more attractive. It’s one for girls who want a dash of color to their get up. A chronograph watch with water resistance feature, I’m sure even those who are scared of color will find this watch attractive. Maybe even enough to buy it. Powered by Swiss quartz movement, this square shaped watch sits comfortably on any size of wrists and can be adjusted by adding holes to the buckle closure for a more precise fit.


6. Nixon Dash Watch – Women’s Red, One Size

Nixon Dash Watch - Women's Red, One Size

Futuristic, sophisticated, and very attractive. This marked down Dash watch by Nixon is one unbelievably eye-catching accessory. It’s one of the designs on their Dash collection. The price and the features will definitely have your jaw dropping. Powered by quartz movement, mineral crystal, and rwater resistance for up to 100 feet or 30 meters, this 40 millimeter beauty is a keeper. The embossing on the bracelet makes it look like it’s chain link, but it’s actually a rubber watch.  with features like heart rate monitor, digital compass, and backlight, this Nixon watch is one to keep up with your healthy and active lifestyle. It’s not a bargain you’ll regret. It’s a bargain that you will treasure and love for ages. There’s no more complaining about having to look for a watch that has it all with this Nixon Dash Watch.


7. Nixon The GoGo Women’s Watch – Black/Orange

Nixon The GoGo Women's Watch - Black and Orange

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And last but definitely not the least attractive, this GoGo watch by Nixon in Black and orange. It’s everything you need to keep your sporty and active look together. The thin black rubber strap coupled with the black dial makes this watch versatile enough to wear with any outfit. The orange accents cound on the dial markers, buckle, and crown break the monotony of black keeping this watch interesting. It’s powered by Japanese Quartz movement. Equipped with scratch resistant mineral and power resistant feature, it’s a great watch to bring with you when you’re traveling, hiking, or even during casual days. The textured rubber strap might be hard to clean when small particles of dirt makes contact with your watch, but it definitely keeps the rubber strap attractive even if it’s already scratch. Talk about camouflaging scratches, right?

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