Choosing The Perfect Watch: A Basic Guide to Picking Your New Watch

Choosing The Perfect Watch - A Basic Guide to Picking Your New Watch

We all like to think that we’re clued up on all things fashion, but do you really know your onions when it comes to selecting a luxury watch? Despite the rapid emergence of smartphones and other assorted gadgetry, the demand for stylish timepieces is growing again, as people look for new accessories that show off aspects of their personality. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated men’s watch or a classy women’s timepiece, this handy infographic by Burns Jewellers should give you all the guidance you need. From dial sizes to water resistance credentials, the experts at Burns have left no stone unturned. Whether you’re on the hunt for a late Christmas gift or a special keepsake to mark an important milestone in your life, it’s important that you choose the right watch for the right occasion. If you follow the tips outlined in the infographic, you should be able to avoid any horology-based mishaps.

Choosing the Perfect Watch #infographic

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