Buying a Christmas Gift for a Watch Snob

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Buying a Gift for a Watch Snob

Do you have that one friend that scoffs at you because you thought automatics only belonged in cars?

Do you have that one person in your life that is offended because you couldn’t spell ‘tourbillon’? Or that you thought ‘chronograph’ was a video game?

Well, looks like we have a watch snob in our midst! We must tread lightly in finding that perfect gift for that one person without getting publicly scolded. While we have some watch recommendations, if the snob is a woman or man, here are some top picks from us that are foolproof.

If not, we’re sorry and we’ll make it up to you next year!

buying a gift for a watch snob

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Cloth Addiction Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth 2-pack


If you don’t have a large budget this holiday season, these microfiber cloth wipes make an excellent gift for a watch snob.  Although made for electronics, they’re the perfect for keeping watches clean and in excellent condition.  The microfiber cloth effortlessly remove dirt, fingerprints, and grease from watch faces and cases without scratching or smudging. They’re also easy to clean and last for years. The 2-pack allows your watch lover to keep one at home and the other in the office or another convenient location. The cloths are generously sized at 6×4 inches.

EZ Tool Professional Watch Repair Kit


True watch snobs not only know how to carry out minor repairs on their timepieces, but take immense pleasure in doing so. Help them indulge in their joy by giving them a professional watch repair kit for the holidays. This repair kit comes with several tools including anti-magnetic tweezers, a case opening wrench, a link remover gadget, 4 screwdrivers, a Spring-Bar tool and many more. You’ll also receive an online 41-page illustrated maintenance and service manual with 64 step-by-step images.  The kit is great for battery replacement, linkage removal, back opening, strap resizing, among many other things.

WatchTime Magazine


For the watch connoisseur who loves salivating over new watch complications and styles, learning about the history of horology, and gaining insights into the watch industry, this magazine is a must. Known for its comprehensive, original coverage and beautiful photography, your watch lover will look forward to settling down with a new issue of WatchTime every other month for a full year. Available both in print and through Kindle.

The Wristwatch Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches


The newly-released book “The Wristwatch Handbook” by Ryan Schmidt could very well be the perfect gift for a watch snob with particular fondness for mechanical watches. This hardcover book draws the reader into the world of mechanical movement, allowing watch fanatics to truly understand what is occurring beneath their watch dial. The book also allows readers to apply this knowledge to a range of innovative complications (watch terminology for “functions”) that you find in contemporary horology. And even if they’re not into knowledge that’s packed within the book’s 352 pages, they’ll be certain to enjoy the 470 beautiful illustrations of watches from more than 90 of the most famous brands.

Genuine Brown Leather Watch Travel Roll 3 Watches BeigeVelvet Lining by Aevitas

This elegant watch roll makes a fantastic gift for a watch snob who loves to travel with his or her watch collection. Made by Aevitas, the roll is superbly crafted of high-quality, genuine leather and can securely hold up to three large wristwatches. The interior of the roll is lined in beige velvet, which protects your timepieces from scratches and is a pleasure to see and touch. Attractive yet durable, the roll comes with a two-year guarantee.