Watch 101 - What is Chronograph

Watch 101 - What is Chronograph

This is the function that is also referred to as the stopwatch. A chronograph watch has the ability to measure periods of time. You can reset, start, and stop the stopwatch at your disposal. There are watches that measure seconds through the main seconds hand. There are also some watches that have a sub-dial that displays split-seconds feature.

The column wheel is what controls the chronograph. The column wheel has an installed ratchet teeth in its surface and as has columns on top. The column wheel is the controller of the chronographs on and off switch. It is supported by the ratchet teeth to rotate the chronograph’s switch. There is a start and stop button in the exterior of the watch that when pressed will turn the column wheel with its lever which will then adjust the chronograph.

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There is a column wheel that triggers a lever holding the intermediate chronograph leading the fourth chronograph and the center chronograph wheel to engage when the chronograph starts. There is a fourth chronograph that is riveted to the fourth wheel, or technically called the arbor, that revolves once per minute. Because of this, the fourth chronograph wheel will engage with the center chronograph wheel via the intermediate chronograph wheel that diverts the rotation to the center chronograph wheel thus carrying the seconds hand in the dial’s center.

A reducing gear train is necessary to record minutes. The finger carried by the center chronograph drives a tooth connected to the intermediate minute wheel every time a minute passes. The minute wheel is driven by the center chronograph wheel that is connected to the chronograph minutes hand on the watch’s dial.

There is a start and stop button that you can push to manipulate the chronograph. When the start and stop button is pushed, the column wheel rotates again to arrive in its off position. When it rotates to the off position, the intermediate chronograph wheel is shut off. There is a brake lever that lands in the center chronograph that disengages the wheel.

Furthermore, when you push the reset button, the chronograph minutes and seconds hands will go back to zero. Heart cams that are put up co-axially are carried by the center chronograph wheel and the minute wheel to accomplish this. There is a lever that pushes the heart cams when the reset button is pushed. This will lead the wheels to go back to zero.

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