Corniche Heritage 40 (White Dial) Hands-on Review

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Product Summary

If you are a fan of classic timepiece and a sucker for leather straps, then you will surely love this magnificent Heritage 40 from Corniche. From dial to the clasp, you will be stunned how beautifully crafted this watch can be. With its beauty and performance, this piece definitely deserves a spot in your closet.

Corniche Heritage 40 in the box

Product Specs

  • Case– This watch features a stainless steel case, which measures 40mm in diameter and is 7mm thick.
  • Dial– Enclosed in a polished silver bezel is a white ceramic dial embellished with silver-tone index hour markers and distinct blue hands. The entire dial is protected by a sapphire crystal.
  • Band– The case connects to black genuine leather with crocodile pattern and butterfly style clasp for closure.
  • Movement– Corniche Heritage 40 is powered by Miyota 2025 quartz.
  • Water resistance– It has a water resistance of 5 ATM.

What’s in the box

Corniche Heritage 40 What's in the box

Corniche Heritage 40 Booklet

Corniche Heritage 40 Open-up Adjusting the Strap

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Corniche Certificate of Origin



A watch may be small, but it can transform an outfit or ensemble from flop to pop or vice versa. A tasteful timepiece can make a lot of difference. Corniche Heritage 40 is an elegant piece featuring its clean looking dial that is designed with polished silver-tone hour markers complementing the silver bezel. It is likewise adorned with stunning blue dauphine hands to perfect the urbane look. I personally like how the blue hands sweep across the white dial. This watch captures nothing less than timeless beauty. Moreover, the band looks just as great. The black leather dial is tapered on to the case through the polished curved lugs.

Corniche Heritage 40 on Jeremiah Say Founder of Gracious Watch


Given its minimalist and clean look, this watch is just perfect for those who want a straightforward and clutter-free watch. This piece is easy to read and great pick for men of all ages. Because it is straightforward, it looks great with any outfit whether casual attire or formal.

Corniche Heritage 40 White Dial Black Strap


Another thing you will love about this Corniche Heritage 40 is the level of comfort it brings. With its elegant and exquisite face, you may have to think about keeping your watches with stainless steel bracelets in your closet. This piece is designed with black leather strap, which is lighter and more comfortable to wear around the wrist.

Corniche Heritage 40 in the box close up front


To top it all, this timepiece is a reliable watch. Apart from its aesthetics, this one is a victor in performance. It is powered by a Miyota 2025 Quartz, which ensures accuracy in timekeeping. This watch is water-resistant up to 5 ATM, meaning you can take it to the shower, but not to swimming or scuba diving. Moreover, you never have to worry about keeping your white dial clean and flawless, because on top of sits the sapphire crystal, which is a top choice for premium watches. This watch crystal is outstanding for its durability, because it is three time more durable than mineral crystal. So it is safe to think that this watch is scratch-resistant.

Corniche Heritage 40 Case Back


The Corniche Heritage 40 has, however, some disadvantages. First, this piece is powered by Miyota 2025 Quartz, which is a two-hand movement. It does not have a second hand, which may be necessary for other people. Another thing is that this watch does not have any luminous feature, which is beneficial under low light conditions or even at night. Lastly, you can change the strap of this watch, however, it is sold separately.

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Butterfly Clasp – Extreme Comfort and Ease-of-use

Corniche Heritage 40 Butterfly-style Clasp 2

Corniche Heritage 40 Butterfly-style Clasp

Corniche Heritage 40 Butterfly-style Clasp 4

Corniche Heritage 40 Butterfly-style Clasp 3

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