Crownarch Takes Storytelling and Brand Experience to New Level

British based timepiece brand


Following eighteen months of astute craftsmanship, British based timepiece brand Crownarch launched their Chronograph collection earlier on in the year. And, right now readers can get 15% off their purchase on by using the code: graciouswatch

Designed with the young man in mind, this highly desirable collection is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also comes with an ethos based upon service and value. The creators at Crownarch believe the experience of purchasing a timepiece, is just as important as wearing one.

Founder Michael Oladipo explains the team’s thinking –  “With our first collection, we set out to create an unforgettable brand experience. We wanted to send our customer on a journey; from the moment they are introduced to Crownarch, through to the moment they unwrap their timepiece. An obsession with detail was key and is depicted through our visual storytelling, especially on our Instagram page, where you see our watches sitting comfortably in the surroundings of yachts, supercars and private jets. “

Crownarch Instagram

The collection is presented in five colours, each possessing their own personality and style. They are charismatically individual, suited to both the sharply dressed city man as well as the hip and trendy college student.

Crownarch milanese mesh strap style

The watches feature detailed sunray dials, coupled with handsome sleek and slender hands. The dials available in ocean blue, silver, dark steel and black gracefully reflect light, a true feature feature finish, that makes for pleasurable viewing. 

The most distinctive feature of the watch is its Milanese mesh strap. Although stylish it has been designed with purpose and intent on solving the issues of conventional watch straps typically not being comfortable or being durable.

Crownarch milanese mesh strap

Whilst the timepieces themselves ooze a quiet confidence, the housing in which they are presented in is bold, luxurious and a sight to behold. This impressive wooden box is accompanied by a high gloss finish.

Crownarch impressive wooden box

The watches retail for £145/$175 and you can get 15% off your order when you use the code: graciouswatch. Shop at Crownarch