December 2015 – Christmas Giveaway: 2 Hastings & Co. Classic Edition Watches

Hastings & Co. Classic Edition 2x Blue White Red Strap

Stand a chance to win 2 Hastings & Co. Classic Edition watches:

Hastings & Co. Classic Edition 2x Blue White Red Strap

Hastings & Co. Classic Edition Watches

Hastings & Co. Classic Edition Cover and Box

Hastings & Co. face without strap

Hastings & Co. caseback

Hastings & Co. Classic Edition December Giveaway 2015


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More about the watch:

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2 Hastings & Co. December 2015 Giveaway at Gracious Watch

More Information on Hastings & Co. Classic Edition

Hastings & Co. Classic Edition in boxes

At Hastings, we really want to reach out to as many people as possible. We started out with the goal to afford everyone a high quality, luxury designed watch, and we won’t stop until we’ve reached that goal. So far, we’ve reached people as far as Singapore, Turkey, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Mexico, the US, and Canada.

I remember when Hastings was in it’s early stages a good friend of mine asked me: “So who’s your target market,” and I replied: “Everyone with a wrist.” – Mark Ang, Founder of Hastings & Co.

We’d like to thank Hastings & Co. for sponsporing the two Classic Edition Watches to our readership. This watch is available at Hastings & Co. for $125.00 USD each.


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Hastings & Co. Classic Edition with different straps

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