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World Best Watch Brand Rankings

Top 20 Best Watch Brands Sorted By Price

The best watch brands have not lost their value over the centuries and watches have now become very common among the people. There are certain things in life that define you. They tend to show the world your true image and status.

Having special attitude and love to wristwatches you definitely must know which of best watch brands will be an upgrade when you become wiser, older or reach a certain status.

We defined the top 20  watch brands and ranked them by price with examples and basic explanations of watch quality rankings and price origins.

Watch Brand Rankings by Price. Best Quality Watches

Casio $10+


Watch Brand Rankings Best american watch brands Casio Solar Sport
Casio Solar Sport, $33

The Casio company was first established in April 1946. It always valued the demands of the customers and for that reason has come up with some very unique products. Moreover its watches are very popular and are one of the top watch brands. They are made of great materials which just look elegant and graceful on your wrist.

You as the customer can choose from many watches and designs. As a result these watches can begin with the watch brands price range of $10 and go all the way up to $18000. G-Shock and Edifice are one of the main lines of products and are also one of the best in our watch brand rankings. Most expensive G-Shock watches price can start from $2000 – insane!

Top Casio Watches

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Armitron $15+


If you are a new watch buyer then there are many watches that you would want to buy. Not all watches offer high quality and comfort. Armitron on the other hand can offer the comfort and quality that you want your watch to have.

In addition to armitron quality, its watches are one of a kind and very durable. Every watch enthusiast should own at least one Armitron watch due to the fact it is available in almost in every color, style and carries in price greatly.

Top Armitron Watches

PictureWatch NameRating

Armitron Sport 40/8284RDBK Digital Chronograph

4.6/5Check price

Armitron Sport Women's 45/7012RSG4.2/5Check price
Armitron Sport 40/8254BLK4.1/5Check price

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Timex $25+


First of all, Timex is one of best watch brands and promises high quality to its customers. Timex started making wristwatches in the 1980’s and has made its mark on the watch market. As a result it has built a strong reputation of one of the best watch manufacturers and are still trying to make it stronger.

The most well-known lines from Timex are called Intelligent Quartz, Expedition and Ironman.

For sure Timex offers many timepieces but these are the most popular. The prices start at $25 but can also get a lot higher. None of the watches here at Timex are insanely expensive.

Instead you get what you pay for, so  if you pay around $150 then you are going to get a better watch like Intelligent Quartz.

Top Timex Watches

PictureWatch NameRating
Timex Men's T2H281 Easy Reader4.3Check price

Timex Men's T49799 Expedition
4.6Check price
Timex Men's T2P3804.6Check price

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Bulova $30+

Watch Brand Rankings Best watch brands Bulova Men's 96B104 Silver Dial Dress Watch
Bulova Silver Dial, $78

In our watch best watch brands rankings, Bulova is one of the top watch brands out there in the market. Most noteworthy it is a subsidiary of Citizen and like its parent company provides great quality watches for casual and formal wear.

Founded in 1875, the company has been manufacturing and providing high-quality wrist-watches to its buyers. Bulova watches can be easily purchased by people who are on a tight budget because their starting price in from $19 but expensive watches are also available which go up to $2800. Bulova’s Accuswiss and 97F44 are one of the best expensive watches.

Top Bulova Watches

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Seiko $50+

Best watch brands Seiko Men's SSC017 Solar Dive Stainless Steel Dive Watch
Seiko Solar Dive, $150

First of all, Seiko is a brand which was born in Japan. High Seiko brand ranking derives from love of many watch enthusiasts and it is a must that you buy a watch from them.

They provide hundreds of designs, colors and shapes including sports, casual and diving watches. Seiko watches are comparatively cheap because they are a Japanese company but this does not mean that their products are of low quality. Instead you won’t find a better watch in the price range.

Seiko watches are elegant and comfortable to wear and showcase extreme quality and reliability.

 Top Seiko Watches

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Invicta $75+

Speaking of the leading watch brands, Invicta should be on the list. Offering high quality and durability Invicta is number six on the list. They produce many different kinds and styles of watches, but each watch offers the same comfort and quality. Invicta gives the choice of buying watches from different styles and price ranges which start from $75 and end at around $2000.

Naturally the expensive versions are far better but it would be wrong to think that cheaper versions of Invicta watches don’t offer high quality.

Top Invicta Watches

PictureWatch NameRating
Invicta Pro Diver Analog Swiss Chronograph4.4/5Check price
Invicta 14124 Pro Diver Gold4.4/5Check price
I By Invicta 90242-0024.3/5Check price

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Orient Watch Company $80+

The Orient Watch Company is listed at number 7 in my index of the best watch brands, according to price. They are an extremely reputable watch company and their watches are the first choice of affordable watch lovers. It is a subsidiary of Seiko.

The company offers a wide range of products for you to buy from which are reasonably priced, attractive and gorgeous: the Mako and the priciest Pro Saturation Diver. Their manufactured products are a little overpriced than Seiko but are also very comfortable.

The prices might be low but this does not mean that the products and watches from Orient Watch Company are cheap.

Top Orient Watches

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Michael Kors $85+

Best watch brands Michael Kors Women's MK5191 Runway Analog Display Analog Quartz Black Watch
Michael Kors Runway, $275

By the way, Michael Kors is essentially the name of the fashion designer who owns the company. The company is very famous for manufacturing clothes, apparel, watches and sports accessories.

The reason that Michael Kors is on the list for the best watch brands is because it has made its place in the market. The company normally designs watches for sports and that is why they even more firm, grippy and comfortable.

The world considers it one of the best american watch brands. The pricing for Michael Kors watches starts from somewhere around $80 and goes up to thousands of dollars. These watches are very good looking and versatile and would make a fine addition to your watch collection.

Top Michael Kors Watches

PictureWatch NameRating

Michael Kors Women's Runway MK3197

4.5/5Check price

Michael Kors Watches Two-Tone Chronograph with Stones4.5/5Check price

Michael Kors Parker MK5354

4.4/5Check price

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Skagen $90+

Skagen Havene, $99

Skagen is a company based in Denmark which manufactures and offers clothes, accessories and watches. It would be a good decision to add Skagen in the index of the best watch brands because the brand is of high standards and offers quality products to its clients and buyers.

Good watches from Skagen do not cost more than $200 but you can also buy products of a much lower price. More over it is in my  reliable watch brands list. Skagen is a subsidiary of Fossil that is why offers almost the same quality and comfort.

All of them are cool, just check some of the best: Ancher Titanium and the Holst Steel Mesh Multifunction.

Top Skagen Watches

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Daniel Wellington $95+


Daniel Wellington is a very reputable watch brand and it produces very high-quality gear and wearables. It is one of the best watch brands and is very popular among watch lovers.

These watches are one of the best as they are very durable and can be worn to almost any occasion whether formal or casual. Sports watches are also available in many designs, colors and styles.

Top Daniel Wellington Watches

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Fossil $100+

Fossil Machine, $116Fossil was once a very neglected brand but now its has entered this list. The watches here at Fossil are of low cost and you can easily buy an attractive and beautiful watch in around a $100.

If you are able to add another $100 bill in your budget, then Fossil allows you to buy an even better watch which will be difficult to get from any other watch brand in the price range. Fossil manufactures watches which have a sporty look to it. Some famous Fossil watches are the Wakefield Three hands and Haywood Chronograph. Actually the best Fossil watches for men can usually cost under $200.

Top Fossil Watches


PictureWatch NameUser rating
Fossil Men's CH2951 Wakefield Stainless Steel Watch with Brown Leather Band4,7 / 5Check price
Fossil FS4735 Grant Brown Leather Watch4,6 / 5Check price
The Fossil CH2891 Watches, Men's Coachman Chronograph Leather Watch – Brown4,8 / 5Check price
Fossil Men's FS4736 Grant Stainless Steel Watch4,6 / 5Check price
The Fossil Men's JR1437 Nate Chronograph Smoke Stainless Steel Watch4,4 / 5Check price
Fossil Men's ME3064 Townsman Stainless Steel Mechanical Watch with Brown Leather Band5 / 5Check price
Fossil Men's FS5150 Grant Chronograph Dark Brown Leather Watch5 / 5Check price
Fossil Men's FS4487 Machine Chronograph Black Stainless Steel Watch with Silicone Band4,4/5Check price
Fossil Nate4,3/5Check price
Fossil Q Founder Silver Touchscreen Smartwatch4,3/5Check price

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Tissot $170+

Speaking about Tissot brand reputation, the company is a widely known watch manufacturer and is one of the major and influential watch brands. It is a subsidiary of Swatch and is a Swiss-based company.

Tissot offers to its consumers a wide array of watches and each line have its own specialty. All offer the same amount of comfort and showcase the same class. You can easily buy a budget Tissot watch in no more than $150.

This allows every watch lover to buy a Tissot watch. Favorites are T-Race with Orange Rubber Band and T-Classic.

Top Tissot Watches

PictureWatch NameRating
Tissot Men's T09541736037004.9/5Check price
Tissot Everytime T109.610. price
Tissot Men's T0954171104700 Quickster4.5/5Check price

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Citizen $200+

Citizen watch is ranking high in our list. Citizen is a watch company filled with perfection. It manufactures purely masculine watches which are very handsome and beautiful.

Some newer models from Citizen also feature Eco-Drive which is a technology which allows the watch to run on solar energy and not use the battery. A watch company with so many followers and a good reputation is bound to be among the best watch brands.

Citizen mostly manufactures utilitarian watches which are designed with perfection and manufactured with precision. Check out this baby – Perpetual Calendar Chronograph.

Top Citizen Watches

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Hamilton $250+

So, Hamilton was initially an American watch brand and it is in top 20 watch brands in the world. The Swatch Group later purchased the company.

Nevertheless, Hamilton has still managed to retain its success and reputation even after the transition and are still among the best watch brands. The price starts from $250 on Hamilton watches but you can easily get their automatic watches for about $300.

These watches are made of stainless steel, sapphire glass and feature Swiss automotive movements. For example, awesome The Hamilton Pilot.

Top Hamilton Watches

PictureWatch NameRating
Hamilton H64455533 Khaki King Series

4.4/5Check price

Hamilton Men Khaki Navy Scuba Auto watch

4.3/5Check price

Hamilton H77616533 Khaki X Chronograph Watch

4.0/5Check price

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TAG Heuer $800+

TAG Heuer is one of the many watch brands in the market. It is one of the best manufacturers and has a wide variety for the consumers. Comfort and attraction both are offered by TAG Heuer watches.

Since it is an old and popular manufacturer that is why the products are also a little bit pricey. To buy a TAG Heuer watch, it is must that you have a healthy budget because it does not cost the regular $100-$200 instead you at least need $800 in your pocket to buy this high-quality chic watch. Our favorite is Tag Heuer Carrera.

 Top Tag Heuer watches

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Omega $2,000+

Omega first started to manufacture watches back in 1903 and has become increasingly popular ever since. Omega watches have had a great time in history.

It is the only watch company to have featured in James Bond movies since 1995 and have official relations with NASA, for that reason it is also the only watch to have been on the moon – Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronographs. Other than that Omega like every other best watch brands offers great deal of quality, reliability and durability to its users.

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Rolex $5,000+

Rolex Submariner Black Dial Ceramic Bezel Steel Mens Watch 116610LN
Rolex Submariner, $7,650

People often forget the names of brands and manufacturers, luckily the name of Rolex does not appear on that list. Instead, its name appears on the list of the most beautiful, attractive and best watch brands.

It was founded in 1905 and has been winning the hearts of many people since then. Rolex watches are much more expensive than regular watches and can cost the buyer at least $5000. That is a lot of money but trust me when I say that “it is totally worth itâ€. Stick to classics – Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.

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Ulysse Nardin $6,000+

Switzerland is a country which has given birth to many watch manufacturers and companies. Most of these companies are very well known and reputable. Ulysse Nardin is one of these companies which has been providing top quality products for its buyers. As a buyer, you would want your watch to have some special features and offer comfort.

Ulysse Nardin offers all of which. One thing to remember is that you get nothing for free in this world. Same is the case with watches because Ulysse Nardin watches can be real expensive.

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Patek Philippe $17,000+

Patek Philipphe World Time 18K White Gold Watch - 5130G-019
Patek Philippe World Time, $45,338

Everybody wants the best watch for himself. There are many brands which can offer good quality watches but Patek Philippeoffers a great quality and wide variety of watches.

Many well-known personalities are wearing Patek Philippe watches. These include Pope Pius IX and Queen Victoria. The company has many subsidiaries, including A. Lange and Vacheron Constantin. Each offer the same quality as its aren’t company.

Since such great personalities previously owned these watches, therefore it means that they are surely expensive and you can buy a Patek Philippe watch for $17000.

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Vacheron Constantin $20,000+

Vacheron Constantin is a subsidiary of Patek Philippe and like its parent company, it manufactures really luxurious watches.

Furthermore, the quality of watches is great and you can easily buy a Vacheron Constantin in around $19000. At that price you would want your watch to be made of high-quality materials and in this case there is nothing to worry about. Vacheron Constantin manufactures watches with utmost perfection.

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Finally, these were the top 20 best watch brands – watch brand rankings. If you truly are a watch lover and watch enthusiast, then you would have already purchased watches from each of these brands.

All of these best brands for watches in the world offer durability and reliability. That is why people count then as strong competitors in this list.

It would be wrong to think that all these brands are any less than each other because almost every brand has its own specialty and class.

But be sure to select a branded watch which helps define your personality.

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