Don’t Buy These Top 5 Watch Brands Until You Read It.

Don't Buy These 5 Worst Watch Brands (Plus Alternatives)

Avoid These 5 Worst Watch Brands

These days, watches are becoming more of a luxury good. Up until 10 years ago, they were required to tell the time, but smartphones have mostly taken their place.

That is a result of how practical phones are. Yours is always with you, and they frequently update the time.

One less thing to be concerned about. Batteries in watches require periodic adjustment. Watches became fashion accessories as a result of convenience.

Even though watches aren’t worn very often these days, some people still enjoy wearing them. mainly because they have nice looks.

This post will discuss which watch brands to avoid and the reasons why you should not buy their goods. You’ll leave knowing how to purchase a watch that suits you.

The First Law of Watch Companies

The golden rule should always be followed while purchasing a watch. Never purchase a watch from a company that isn’t a watch brand.

Why? Many fashion labels purchase inexpensive watches from other businesses and rebrand them. With well-known brands in retail like Michael Kors, this is typical.

They don’t really care about the quality of the watches; all they want is for the maker to use their ideas.

Poorly constructed timepieces are the result, unable to withstand the stress. However, you still paid more for that due to the brand name.

They are poorly made and will break after a few months of use. They also lose a lot of value over time, which big-name brands like Breitling and Rolex do not.

Not just Michael Kors is subject to this restriction. Make sure it comes from a genuine watch brand that specializes in them initially if you’re looking for a good watch for men’s or women’s wear.

Watch Types and How Prices are Affected

There are numerous watch varieties available on the market, each with unique benefits and drawbacks.

  • Digital Watch

The most popular sports and military timepieces are digital watches. They don’t need to be maintained, but occasionally batteries are needed to keep them going.

Digital watches are less common today for this reason alone because their batteries need to be changed frequently after a few months.

  • Automatic Watch

Although automatic watches don’t require batteries to function, they must be worn frequently for a number of hours each day (at least six), or at least once every other day, in order to maintain accurate timekeeping.

This is because they generate energy while running by using the wearer’s motion.

As a result, you will usually find them among those who perform physical rather than digital occupations because they benefit from it the most.

  • Quartz Watch

The most common type of watch is an analog watch, and they require little upkeep. For accurate timekeeping, they don’t rely on batteries or solar power.

Therefore, analog watches are affordable but dependable, and you can find them in practically every home in the globe.

The negative of analog is that it needs to be regulated. When a watch is fresh and then every few months after that, it needs to be regulated.

Because they are affected by your wrist movements, this guarantees the accuracy of the time.

The most common kind of analog watch is quartz. Once calibrated, they are extremely accurate, don’t need maintenance, and have long-lasting batteries.

The most accurate timepieces are quartz, but they require batteries to function. Quartz timepieces have a battery life that is far longer than digital watches; you won’t need to replace it every few months.

  • Mechanical Watch

Mechanical watches are the most opulent of the bunch and are well-known for their craftsmanship. Although they are likewise incredibly accurate, they must be worn frequently to function properly.

There are a few drawbacks to mechanical timepieces as well: You must first occasionally manually wind them up (usually after 40-60 hours of non-use).

Second, due to the labor-intensive nature of their construction, they are frequently highly expensive.

There are many different watch kinds, but the majority of people wear analog or digital watches; which one you should buy truly depends on your preferences and style.

The 5 Watch Brands to Stay Away From

The golden rule is now clear, so let’s look at which brands to steer clear of.


Watches made by MVMT are dreadful. Actually, they are beyond repair. A $5 toy watch would be a better investment than one of these.

It wouldn’t cost you hundreds of dollars, and at least it would seem funnier. And it’s probably going to last that long.

The design of MVMT watches is unquestionably a plus. Many folks are drawn into their trap by their slick, contemporary appearance.

You decide to buy it after musing, “That is a very fine watch, isn’t it?” It’s a shame that the watch’s design is the only aspect you’ll like.

So, what’s going on inside? A quartz timepiece and a low-quality Chinese casing. Being quartz is nice, but for a brand with such high prices, you might expect something a little more intriguing.

And as was already observed, the case is of exceedingly poor quality.

2. Swiss Legend

A watchmaker is called Swiss Legends. They come with a number of warning signs that should cause you to avoid them.

They aren’t actually Swiss, to start with. They are promoting their goods by using the reputable reputation of Swiss watchmaking.

Second, they’re not near as good as genuine Swiss watchmakers like Omega or Rolex.

All Swiss Legend timepieces are quartz, and their level of craftsmanship is quite subpar.

They are poorly constructed and made of inexpensive materials, which may be acceptable on their own if more effort had been put into them. They won’t last more than a few months with minimal use.

However, they continue to levie a hefty premium. You can perform a self-check here or here. You’re getting ripped off when you purchase from them.

3. Invicta

One of these businesses that you should severly avoid is Invicta. Why? because they essentially lie about everything. They are also prolific thieves.

They copy the aesthetics of real, trustworthy companies like Seiko and Timex.

They blur the line between the two by using labels like “Swiss” and “Swiss Made,” whereas the former indicates that the watch has never been to Switzerland.

They assert that their watches include characteristics such as diamond accents and dials made of genuine sandstone that they do not.

To make it appear like a deal, they advertise outrageous prices on their website but offer for a much lower price on Amazon and other sites.

They are a spoof of the most evil corporations you’ve seen in films. Or even worse, a terrible portrayal of the truth. Don’t ever look at an Invicta watch.

Don’t give them additional justification for carrying on with their repulsive deception.

Even if you didn’t care about any of those, the quality of their timepieces is, as you might guess, dismal.

They are made of inexpensive materials, have low water resistance ratings, and poor build quality. However, they are expensive.

4. Stuhrling

Stuhrling is a watch company with its headquarters in Brooklyn (even though it pretends to be European to pretend they’re creating Swiss watches…fat chance).

In order to make their watches appear to be a good value on resellers, it uses the same pricing approach as Invicta, raising prices on its websites.

That alone should be a huge warning sign, but it gets worse. It appropriates iconic designs from other watchmakers, just like Invicta does.

They have their own versions of the Apple Watch, the Omega Seamaster, and even the Submariner from Rolex.

Depending on the pricing, they provide watches with various movement types.

On its high-end models, you can find Quartz, Asian (a complicated mechanical sort of movement that is actually quite nice), and ETA/Sellita movements.

Expect them to survive little more than a few months of light use because they employ cheap materials in the most, if not all, of their models.

There are considerably nicer timepieces in the same price range, even though certain models aren’t bad and make for good gifts.

5. Daniel Wellington

If you’re lucky, Daniel Wellington watches will break in two years. The fundamental problem with their timepieces is that, and it’s a very major one. even inexcusable

Consider the watches from your grandfather that are still functional today. Or ancient Rolex dive watches that, even after 50 or 60 years, are still functioning.

You should anticipate that level of quality from a watch company.

Daniel Wellington is unrelated to those companies. Like Invicta or Stuhrling, they use low-cost Japanese Quartz movements and components in their timepieces.

Don’t get a watch from this budget brand if you want a timeless design that won’t break in the next few years.

You would expect their things to be of high quality given the hefty prices they charge, but they aren’t.

Design is the only thing they excel at. They produce some watches that look really nice. They are remarkably similar to MVMT as a brand. swanky timepieces that malfunction far too frequently.

Great Alternatives to Watch Brands

Check out these companies instead if you’re wanting to buy a present for your significant other or just a great watch to introduce yourself to the world of watches.

They will cost the same as those on the list above, and occasionally even less. However, they treat you like a paying customer rather than a cow to be milked till your ribs are exposed, and they utilize sturdy materials.

6. Seiko

Seiko makes excellent watches. I’m done now. inexpensive, dependable, and robust. They provide everything you might possibly need for wearing watches every day. Any of their models will satisfy your needs.

All of their watch movements are made in-house, and their quartz ones are still among of the best in the business. Naturally, you can’t expect perfection from very inexpensive things ($200 and under).

If you’re unlucky, you might occasionally encounter part misalignment. Additionally, there are some terrifying tales regarding their customer service that are circulating.

However, if you want a dependable watch, they’re still something to look for.

7. Fossil

Since most watch fans are drawn into the world of watches by a Fossil, many watch enthusiasts are thankful that the company exists.

They look decent, aren’t very pricey, and can even be worn with formal wear.

Their watches are made in Switzerland, but the mechanisms that power them are made in China or Japan, which in the past was a code word for “junk.”

Asian motions have become exceedingly precise in recent years, which has greatly improved the situation.

Additionally, their leather straps are excellent. Their customer service is also excellent.

The lack of waterproofing is their major problem. A Fossil will make the inside of the glass cloudy if you take a shower while wearing one.

That’s very horrible, but when that’s the largest problem with your product, I’d say you’re doing pretty well.

8. Timex

American brand Timex is renowned for its affordability and robustness. Although their timepieces are inexpensive, they are nevertheless rather sturdy.

They have a wide variety of timeless designs that go well with everything from jeans to suits. Additionally, they provide several reasonably priced smartwatches.

Even while their movements might not be the most accurate, they are often quite dependable. If anything occurs to yours, you can always get them mended.


There are many of watch brands available, and many of them produce poor quality goods.

Many other people purchase inexpensive timepieces from manufacturers, brand them, and then sell them for a higher price. Large fashion companies like Armani are prone to this.

Avoid the brands mentioned in this article if you want a gorgeous watch that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but is nonetheless trustworthy.

We compiled a list of additional brands with comparable costs and much improved specifications. This ought to help you choose a watch that genuinely functions and will last you a while.

Before you leave, one last thing: don’t discount Chinese or Japanese-made mobility systems.

Recent years have seen these 2 nations, particularly China, improve their craft. There are Chinese timepieces available that are as precise as Swiss ones.

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