Everything You Need to Know About Apple Watch (Buying Guide And Review)

Everything You Need to Know About Apple Watch
Everything You Need to Know About Apple Watch


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From the creators of iPhone, iPod and iPad, here comes Apple’s latest flagship – the Apple Watch. The launch of Apple Watch in 2014 has created a buzz around the world and caught the attention of many. Apple Watch is a smartwatch featuring health and fitness-tracking capabilities. Since its release in 2014, Apple Watch has become the bestselling wearable device and was included in Time’s list of 25 Best Inventions in 2014.

Apple Watch comes in three collections with top-notch features and unparalleled capabilities that are quintessentially Apple. As much as functionality, Apple values design. Apple Watch is made for everyone starting out in two size options: 38mm and 42mm. Choosing the right watch is very personal. So Apple provides you with better options as to the foundation of your watch. They are created from stainless steel and aluminum in two finishes as well as formulation of rose gold and 18-karat gold.

Apple Watch is highly versatile and with its wide array of bands, you can give your watch a new look every time according to mood or activity. Go sporty with its sport band that complements the fitness features of this watch. Other designs are link bracelet, leather loop, modern buckle, classic buckle, and Milanese loop. This smartwatch is extensively customizable so you can change the design of your watch or change the colors on the face, and even improve its functionality.

With your Apple Watch, you can receive message, email, or calls anywhere and anytime so you never miss a thing and stay updated. It will bring you closer to your family and friends in unique ways only Apple can make. Get even more personal with its Sketch, Tap, and Heartbeat features you can enjoy wrist to wrist.

The built-in apps include messages, mail, phone, activity, workout, music, Siri, and camera remote. You can even create a more refined experience by customizing to your own personal preference. It has apps for social networks, department stores, travel, news, food, and so much more.

Promote mobility and activity with its Health and Fitness options. Stand, move, and exercise towards your goals while keeping track on your progress, making difference, and eventually see results. With innovation and technology, you can now navigate the world and make anything a possibility just by your fingertips with Apple Watch designed for your wrist.

Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport band – Review

Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case Review
Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case

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Product Summary

Experience innovativeness and technology in a reliable piece you can wear around the wrist. This exemplary watch from Apple is designed to bring you ultimate fun by incorporating its attractive features and advanced capabilities that are quintessentially Apple. Built light but strong, this Apple Sports Watch is a must-have!

Product Specs

  • Case- This watch features a 7000 Series Space Gray Aluminum case, which holds a Retina display and an Ion-X glass to protect the same. The case measures 42mm in height, 35.9mm in width, and 10.5mm in depth.
  • Band- It also comes with a black sport band with stainless steel pin.


Light and strong

The Apple Sport Watch is constructed to give you a lightweight, but strong timepiece you can wear anytime and anywhere. First off, this watch comes with a new 7000 Series aluminum alloy, which is more durable yet lighter than other standard alloys. True to its name, this Sports watch is created 30 percent lighter than other models. But even light, this watch is constructed strong to make it through the test of time. It has Ion-X glass that scratch-resistant to maintain its flawless face from any impact.


If being lightweight is not enough, the soft and smooth sport band improves the level of comfort from wearing this Apple timepiece. It is dense so its wraps around your wrist comfortably and lightly so you feel maximum comfort through the day. Aside from feeling absolutely good, this watch also looks great because of its interchangeable bands. Apart from black, other colors you can choose from are white, pink, blue, and green. So you do not only look good, you also feel great!


This is not the Apple Sports Watch we are expecting without its top-notch and unparalleled features and capabilities. As for purposes of timekeeping, this watch is definitely accurate. As it recognizes the importance of time, this watch incorporates features like alarm, weather, moon phase, calendar, and so much more. Also, you can customize the way you want to see the time from a simple face to a more complicated chronograph. Wherever you may be, this watch never ceases to provide you the accurate time as it automatically syncs to your location anywhere in the world.


There are many things you do with this watch, most of which you might have never thought about until you had this one. It keeps you moving and helps you track your progress through its Activity app, which measures your activities through the day as depicted by the Move, Exercise, and Stand rings. And while looking after your health and fitness, you can stay closer to the people who matter by sending them a message or giving them a call. Aside from the aforementioned features, it is built with features so you can manage your phone without having the need of taking them out just like music and camera remote.


However, this Apple Sports Watch has also some disadvantages. First, at 42mm, this watch could be large for your wrist and may look odd around it. Second, while it is convenient in such a way that you don’t have to take out your iPhone out of your pocket or bag, the same will not completely replace your phone. Another thing is that aside from its timekeeping feature, other capabilities and apps are dependent on iPhone, which means you cannot maximize the functionality of this watch if you are not an iPhone user. Lastly, you can hardly wear this for a day-to-night ensemble. Apple Sports watch does not seem to fit formal gatherings or meetings.

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