Extremely Gorgeous & Affordable Wrist Watches for Women (Under $200) – Best Sellers

A girl’s outfit will never be complete without a good ol’ watch. And the excuse that “why buy a watch? Bracelets are more affordable” will not cut it. So, girl to girl, I’m going to help you guys out with these extremely gorgeous and affordable wrist watches. Trust me, your hard earned two hundred dollars will never be spent any more wisely than this.

1. Michael Kors MK3247 Women’s Watch

Michael Kors MK3247

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Okay so I know you guys have all seen and heard about the new Michael Kors watch craze. I have too. But those oversized watches come with a price tag to boot. Besides, not a lot of you are really into oversized watches that are a little more distracting than helpful on your wrist. So to amend that I-want-a-Michael-Kors-but-an-oversized-watch-may-be-a-hassle problem of yours, here’s an equally gorgeous watch. The bracelet pattern is more gorgeous than anything you have ever seen in the bracelet world. It’s very feminine, sophisticated, and functional too. I know that petite watches like this are not always very functional. But take a look at this watch—it not only has three sub dials, but it also has a date window! You not only get the runway look, but you also get a watch that does more than adorn your wrist.

2. Emporio Armani Quartz, Black Dial with Black Leather Strap Band – Womens Watch AR0144


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This is another thin watch—but on the more serious side of things. But just because it looks less cute and more serious doesn’t mean that it’s not gorgeous on your hand. This Emporio Armani Black Leather Strap watch is the perfect thing to complete your office attire. The functional face that tells the time comes with a sub dial that you can set up to tell a different time. Although it doesn’t have a second hand, it doesn’t mean that the watch looks any less adorable. For the serious woman who emanates tough chick, no nonsense vibe, this affordable watch is the perfect minimalist accessory.

3. Fossil Georgia Three Hand Stainless Steel Watch – Gold-Tone ES3293


Think Victorian elegant designs, lace patterns, white thin strap heels, and soft chiffon tops. Now look at this Fossil watch again. Amazing how it’s the next thing on your mind, right? Yes you’re right; this is the watch to complete a dainty outfit without looking overdone. The pattern on its face, filled with crystals to make it even more shiny, is enough to make anyone jealous. And they think it cost you more than your whole outfit combined? Nope, that’s what you want them to think, but that’s not how much it costs. This Fossil Georgia Three Hand Stainless Steel Watch is a gorgeous, feminine watch that you should buy for yourself. Or to ask from your significant other. don’t worry, it has a adjust-o-matic closure that lets you self-adjust the watch so you can wear it right away.

4. Michael Kors MK5555


Here’s another Michael Kors watch—this time, with three subdials, a date window, and a classic silhouette you can never go wrong with. The roman numeral indices on this watch, paired with its all silver ensemble definitely makes it an automatic staple to your everyday outfit. Michael Kors has always emphasized that they provide us ladies with the runway look, but this watch, oversized as it is, combines classy vibe and runway look at the same time. Just think of it this way: your suits will never look drab anymore with an oversized watch. And that figure hugging dress? Well, contrast it with this watch and you’ll be ready from office to night out drinking without having to change outfits. And, a last reminder, it will never weigh your hand down because it’s just lightweight.

5. Invicta Women’s 0720

Invicta Women's 0720

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Let’s leave stainless steel bracelets for a little while first. Here’s another great watch from a great manufacturer. The Invicta Women’s Ceramic Chronograph Diamond Accented Black Ceramic watch is the most interesting time piece…ever. Not only does it look extremely breathtaking, but it’s also very sturdy. With its Swiss quartz movement, prove them all wrong by being on time for all your appointments, may it be an appointment at the salon. And yes, it does say diamond, so you can expect a hint of shine when light hits this watch. The flame fusion crystal, black ceramic case and bracelet, chronograph functions with 60 second, 30 minute, and day of the week sub dials definitely makes this watch an automatic win. And all for less than two hundred dollars? Boy, I’m telling you, there’s nothing wrong about giving yourself a watch for a job well done (be it surviving a day of salads or facing your boss).

6. GUESS Women’s U0085L1

GUESS Women's U0085L1

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Now, for that mix of edgy fashion and sophistication, there’s always this Guess Women’s Rocker Glitz Multi-Chain Gold Tone Bracelet Watch. With its stunning design and thick bracelet, I’m sure that this watch will wonderfully turn any outfit from drab to fab. The polished gold-tone case with crystals will be enough of a show to give you that sparkle that your outfit needs. It’s what I would suggest you to wear to nights out, casual days out, or on days when you can’t decide what to wear and you just need some sparkle to your outfit. The bracelet is self-adjustable, so you’ll never have to worry about bringing it to the watch repair shop.

7. Marc Jacobs Chrono Glitz Gold Dial Women’s Watch MBM3101


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Last but not the least, this Marc Jacobs Chrono watch that provides just the right amount of glam and a lot of functions in such a simple yet elegant wrapping. It has three hands, three sub dials, and a date window. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic design of this watch though, because that is its advantage—it can be worn with everything.

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