February & March 2016 Giveaways – Sneak Preview

February and March Giveaway Sneak Preview - Gracious watch

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February 2016 Giveaway

TW Steel Renault F1 Team Pilot Watch TW683 (Ashford) - Gracious Watch Review 2

Full review: TW-Steel Renault F1 Team Pilot Watch – TW683

March 2016 Giveaway

AVI Hawker Hunter 4

Full Review: AVI-8 Hawker Hunter AV-4043-02

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Hi, this is Jeremiah of Gracious Watch. Today I’ll showing you the watches for giveaway in the month of February and March of 2016.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Andy, social media coordinator of AVI-8 for sponsoring the new Hawker Hunter. This is their latest model, the AV-4043. As discussed with Andy, this watch is supposed to be given away in the month of February. But due to unforeseen circumstances, the giveaway of this watch will be postponed to March of 2016.

I’ll quickly explain why there is this alternation in date. As you can see, there are 2 watches here. I bought this one from Ashford. Ashford is a very big Watch Company based in the US. I have heard of Ashford a lot of times ever since I started Gracious Watch 3 years ago. I always wanted to buy a watch from Ashford to see how their service works. One day, I had decided to browse their website and stumbled upon a watch that looks amazing and the price is very competitive. I thought to myself that I have to bring this watch back to the fans of Gracious Watch.

So I bought this watch from Ashford on 7th January of 2016, and is the watch that you’re seeing right here. The TW Steel Renault F1 Team Pilot watch. I planned to giveaway this watch in the month of March but it is Ashford in-house 2-year warranty. And the warranty starts from the date I purchased the watch.

I really hate the idea of my fan receiving this watch without the full warranty. The least I could do is organize the giveaway one month in advance so that I could save a month of warranty for the winner. This is the least I could do and I know it doesn’t sound like much. I’m really sorry for the inconvenient caused. I did not know that Ashford offers in-house warranty.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing either. It’s pretty cool to offer in-house warranty especially it is a 2 year warranty. As a consumer, I think I have a lot of advantages receiving a 2 year warranty as compared to some watch companies that offer just one year. This is good news in the case of consumer. But if I’m organizing a giveaway watch bought from Ashford then it is not the most ideal thing to do for the winner of the watch.

Because, as I said, the warranty starts from the date when I purchased this watch, not when I register this watch online. Secondly, if there’s any problem with this watch, the winner have to contact me for the order summary to contact Ashford customer service. Which is quite troublesome to say the least.

Hopefully, this watch runs without any problem in the next 2 years or even 10 years. If there’s any problem, you have to contact me for the order summary of this watch if you’re the winner of the contest.

Fortunate, Andy and the AVI-8 team understands this situation and had agreed to do the giveaway in March so I can bring-forward the TW Steel giveaway to February of 2016. This is reassuring.

There will be no more changes to the giveaway, this is our final decision. The review of these watches will be in different videos. Please subscribe to my youtube channel for future updates.

This is Jeremiah of Gracious Watch, bringing love and passion to the wrist. Signing out.

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