Filippo Loreti Review: Venice Moonphase Black Gold – A Perfect Premium Watch

Filippo Loreti is one of the best brands out there when it comes to affordable yet premium Italian watches. The brand Filippo Loreti has been primarily developed by 2 brothers namely Matas and Danielius Jakutis.

As I was curious to know why these brothers making waves on the internet, so I have read Filippo Loreti reviews from their customers, and it looks like people really love their watches. The main purpose of the brand was to provide premium watches to people at prices which are affordable.

The beauty of Filippo Loreti lies in the fact that you do not need to pay thousands of dollars for the luxurious watches manufactured by the company. The brand has really democratized the premium watch industry.

The company achieved success due to the use of cutting-edge technology and smart use of the internet.

The Jakutis brothers redefined the watch industry by producing watches which are stylish and at the same time less expensive too especially when compared with other reputed luxurious watch brands.



Venice Black Gold: Key Features

The Venice Moonphase Black Gold is a beautiful and dashing watch dressed with an edge which is modern in nature.  The black case of the watch has made it attractive and has also given it an understated mean streak.

Filippo Loreti took the inspiration from Italy and you can see symbols of Venice in every detail.

The Filippo Loreti watch is equipped with indices and gold hands which not only give it a unique look but also makes it easier for you to read the watch.

Overall the watch feels really amazing on hand – pleasant heaviness and metallic coolness add a lot to positive emotions.

Moreover, it attracts attention and boasts your personality, really making you stand out wherever you go.

There are several unique features with which this watch is blessed with. Some of these features have been stated in the Filippo Loreti review points below:

  • The case diameter of the watch is 40mm with a thickness of 9mm.
  • The width of the watch’s strap is 20mm, this means that the watch is perfect for individuals having wrist as small as 14cm and as big as 23cm.
  • The watch is strong since the main manufacturing material of the case is stainless steel. The dial of the watch is protected from a glass made up of Sapphire Glass.
  • The straps of Venice Black Gold have been crafted via Mesh Bracelet and Italian Leather (Black).
  • The watch does not get damaged by dropping in water. It is resistant to water and the resistant power is 50 meters. This means that you can enjoy a nice swimming session while wearing this watch.
  • The buckle of this fantastic luxurious watch is regular with a movement of Miyota6P00.
  • The Filippo Loreti watch is equipped with Moonphase Function (at 6 O’CLOCK)


Benefits of wearing Venice Black Gold

The Filippo Loreti watch brings a lot with it. Venice Moonphase really puts you in an advantageous position. Some major benefits or merits of Filippo Loreti watch Black Gold are as follows in our Filippo Loreti review:

  • The watch makes you seriously attractive and creates a halo effect among the masses. Whether you are going to an interview or a party. If you want to create a serious impression on the audience then Venice Black Gold is something which simply cannot be ignored.
  • If you want to become someone who is noticed by everyone when he walks into the room then for this, you need to get your hands on Venice Black Gold. The watch makes you stand out. The reason is simple: people notice the things which are uncommon!
  • Wearing Filippo Loreti watch means that you are someone who is impressive. There are high chances that people around you may think that you are someone associated with a profitable business. The watch gives you a look which is commanding and authoritarian.


Interesting to Know: The Kickstarter Campaign

Filippo Loreti started its first set of timepieces on Kickstarter back in the year 2015. The initial funding for the project was at $20,000. However once the campaign was launched, the news spread like a fire in the market that the company intends to produce $1000+ premium watches at rates which are both reasonable as well affordable.

The Kickstarter campaign went profitable for the company. The campaign went for almost 30 days and resulted in the revenue of $926,620.

The campaign broke all the records of the Kickstarter and become the highest funded watch project in the history of crowdfunding.

Filippo Loreti was able to break the record due to the high support of around 18,550 backers. Raising $5.6 million in 30 days is surely one remarkable achievement.

Filippo Loreti means that you do not need to get loans or empty your bank account just for the sake of getting a nice watch on your wrist.

The brand also means that you do not need to settle for cheap watches that can break down any time.  The company has really changed the dynamics of watch industry and is surely the future.

Conclusion – Filippo Loreti Review

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The Venice Moonphase series are one of the best premium watches available out there. The watch is available at a very reasonable rate and can be purchased with ease by you.

The timepiece can be easily purchased online and will be delivered to you right at your doorstep.  The best medium to purchase the watch is through Filippo Loreti website.  The website is well crafted and just through a few clicks you can easily place the order for the watch.

Simply add the watch in your shopping cart and pay the amount. Once the amount is paid, with in a prescribed period of time the watch will be dispatched right at your doorstep.

Do Not worry as the watch will be in good condition and incase of any issue in the watch, complain to the company can be lodged as well.

In case you find the timepiece in any other online platform then in such a case it is recommended that you should check the authenticity and credibility of such a page.

There are many fraud pages and portals out there that can really cause you a serious loss hence be careful in this regard and protect yourself from any online fraud.

If you want to know more about these watches, read this Filippo Loreti Review.