The Force Is With The Star Wars Devon

The Star Wars Devon. Photo courtesy of Devon.

The Force Is With The Star Wars Devon

Disney’s hot property Star Wars has been crushing the box office since it blasted into cinemas from a galaxy far, far away.

Both the Rogue One and Force Awakens films fill out the lessening gaps in the wider cinematic canon of Jedis and Siths, lightsabers and droids. Needless to say, the constellation of merchandise that populates the Star Wars universe is seemingly endless.

But there is only one luxury timepiece that will be harder to get your hands on than those fabled kyber crystals that fuel the Death Star.

Devon’s extremely limited edition Star Wars timepiece retails for a suggested price of $28,500 on the market. But that price is likely to rocket through the stratosphere if you are able to actually get your hands on one.

But the price is justified when you run down the bells and whistles that make this baby go boom.

The limited edition Star Wars Devon retails for $28,500. Photo courtesy of Devon.
The limited edition Star Wars Devon retails for $28,500. Photo courtesy of Devon.

Devon has  opted for an all black aesthetic for the watch. The case boasts a diamond like carbon coating (DLC) and comes in two iterations, one with the signature Vader mask and the other with the TIE Fighter wings protruding from both sides of the watch.  

The connecting screws and lugs are redesigned as aircraft turbine intakes, the remaining screws like those we see on Vader’s helmet. And the crown rocks the Galactic Empire logo.

Star Wars geekdom aside Devon has crafted an unparalleled piece of workmanship here. More than 350 mechanical pieces are at work and the design and watchmaker works in close collaboration with NASA.

So the result is nothing short of stellar. The Star Wars Devon is an extremely limited edition timepiece that is everything fans of the franchise would hope for. Superbly rendered and utterly faithful to the cinematic mythology.

Only 500 of the celestial timepieces were rendered. May the force be with you in your bid to get your hands on one. 

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