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This year we are heads-down focused on improving the quality of content we publish on Gracious Watch. So, what does this mean for you? It means that we are reducing the amount of paid sponsorship pieces we are accepting on the site. Instead of the “more is more” approach, we are turning back to our roots where talk about new brands people should be watching, showcasing cool new products and writing longer and deeper pieces about our favorite topics. Our editors will be researching content for our releases but we also are opening the door for featured placements. Each month, we will have a limited number of paid opportunities where our team remotely studies a watch (or brand) and publishes a robust, personalized article that does include links to purchase, your images, your videos and more.

With more than 60,000 pageviews per month (and growing) and 13,000 newsletter subscribers, Gracious Watch is a great place to build your brand and generate awareness for your newly released model, recently launched micro-brand or crowdfunding project. Simply put, let us tell your story!

 Benefits of Working With Us


  • Delivery of your personalized featured article in under 2 weeks
  • High-quality content written by American writers
  • Access to large, focused social media audience


  • More than 60,000 pageviews per month (and growing!)
  • Potential inclusion in our mailing list of over 13,000 people (and growing!)
  • 88% of traffic comes from organic sources
  • 60% of traffic is from the USA, UK, Canada & Austrailia

Audience Demographics

  • 75% male
  • 35% age 25-34, 

    22% age 35-44, 17% age 18-24

What You Get for $299:

*If you are looking for additional opportunities or a customized package, simply shoot us a note and we are happy to find the perfect combo.

How To Secure Your Featured Spot

If you’re interested in a featured article by our watch-savvy editors and collectors, then simply fill out the form below to secure your preferred dates and we will be in contact to start the editorial process.

  • Tell us more about what you would like our team to focus on the most. Is it the design of the watch, the price of the watch, the popularity, the release date or something else?
  • Please upload a brand logo.
  • Upload any materials used for Press or Media that can help with the article.
  • We have limited featured options throughout the month. Do you have a specific date in mind that you need or month?
  • This package includes an email Q&A conversation used to inform our content team and independent research by our key editorial team. The more than 500 words article will be published on GW and include outbound links to purchase your watch or visit your Kickstarter campaign and several pieces of your brand media/photography. Our team will also share your published content on our social media channels.
    Price: $299.00 Quantity:
  • American Express