GSM Quadband Voice Dialing Watch Cell Phone Unlocked Review: Is It a Worthy Buy?

GSM Quadband Voice Dialing Watch Cell Phone Unlocked

Watch cell phones only existed in sci-fi movies just a few years back. Today, you can conveniently wrap a phone around your wrist and have something to brag about to your friends. This commonly comes with a high price, though.

Being techy and fashionable in so many ways means spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on cleverly designed gadgets. However, the GSM Quadband Voice Dialing Watch Cell Phone Unlocked changes all of that.

There are so many reasons to buy this watch cell phone, but that doesn’t translate to perfection. Here are some of its pros and cons, and see for yourself if this cool gadget truly suits your needs.


  • Surprisingly cheap

For less than $60, you can have a cool fashion accessory, a wristwatch, a touch screen-capable phone that can really make calls and send messages, and an MP3 player. That’s more than what you are paying for.

Many watch cell phones sell at hundreds of dollars, so this one is certainly a great find.

  • Excellent connectivity

Who can survive without Bluetooth? This GSM watch Cell Phone is perfectly paired with Bluetooth headsets, making it a great companion for sports activities or just strolling around. It also comes with a support data cable and can be easily used with any USB 2.0 wire.

  • Impressive battery life

Many watch cell phones with more advanced features drain batteries much faster. The battery in this one lasts for 96 hours on regular watch mode or up to two hours of call time. Just like a regular mobile phone, it has inter-vibration capability for those who prefer a shaking call alert.

  • Expandable memory

Although not included when purchased, it works perfectly with a 2GB TF card for hundreds more MP3 files. You certainly need this if you are planning on travelling and having a music player always ready on the go.

  • Jam-packed with dozens of extra features

The GSM Quadband Voice Dialing Watch Cell Phone Unlocked proves that it is everything you need in a mobile phone. Aside from voice dialing and SMS/EMS/MMS messaging function, it also comes with an Easy Handwriting and T9 messaging feature to maximize its touch screen capability. It has picture screen protection and calling picture recognition for added convenience and security.

Basics like memo, calendar, world time, notebook, and alarm clock among others can also be readily used.

  • Compact

A watch cell phone should never look like a cell phone strapped on a watch. This is conveniently sleek, compact, and easy to use. Weighing only 76 grams, even kids will love wearing this on their wrists.


  • Poor internet capability

For less than $60, what do you expect? The default internet language is in Mandarin and even if you fix the setting, it won’t be of much help.

  • No Wi-Fi integration

Be realistic; even without the Wi-Fi capability, this is still a great product. With a 1.33-inch screen, internet browsing won’t be much fun anyway.

  • Small keys

Being a compact gadget, the keys and screen do suffer. Unless you want a bulky thing swinging with your arms, the GSM Quadband Voice Dialing Watch Cell Phone Unlocked is just fine for your daily need.

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