Here Are The Top 11 Watches Brands For Doctors and Nurses

Here Are The Top 11 Watches Brands For Doctors And Nurses

Watches for Doctors

It’s never easy to spend the day in scrubs.

In fact, working as a doctor is one of the most difficult professions there is. It’s crucial to monitor the passing of time during your extended shift.

So that you can keep organized and find time for yourself, we’ve put together a top list of the finest watches for doctors and nurses.

Take it a step further with these top automatic watches under $2,000, or even better, get a watch that swims with you.

Doctors’ Best Watches:

1. Spedial

One of the top nurse and doctor rubber watches available is the Spedial.

Because it was developed with nurses and doctors in mind, Spedial is particularly well-known. The business created these timepieces with the intention of keeping in mind the demanding profession and any challenges one can face while working in it.

The clock is big and remarkably easy to read, so finding out the time should only require a quick glance. It is quartz-powered and has a second hand that is clearly visible (colored red).

The red hand of the watch makes it very easy to track and monitor pulse measurements, thus the watchmakers also took this into consideration. Additionally, Spedial is aware of how crucial it is for healthcare workers to wear watches free of bacteria and viruses.

As a result, cleaning their watch is quite easy. Spedial comes in a variety of eye-catching hues that are all fresh and distinctive.

Key characteristics:

  • A rubber-free, foamate-free exterior that is easy to maintain
  • A charming covering
  • Very accurate and simple to read


The VACV is a very user-friendly company that specializes in making watches for healthcare professionals.

One of the main reasons we’ve included this watch on our list of the best watches for physicians is that they hope to keep doctors and nurses in mind as they design their products.

This watch is for you if you’re a young doctor who doesn’t want to spend money on a rolex but still needs something useful.

VACV has an extremely large dial that makes it really simple to read.It basically just requires a quick glance to verify the time.

Time is a crucial component in all surgical procedures, so it was decided to keep the hands and the clock in stark contrast to make it easier for the doctor or nurse to gauge the passing of time.

Similar to the aforementioned product, VACV also thinks it’s important to design a system that makes it simple to track the passage of time. As a result, the system’s clearly visible red hand enables all different types of personnel to keep an eye on their patients’ breathing rates.

Additionally, this watch is water resistant up to 165 feet.

It also features a Japanese quartz movement, and because the dial is constructed of surgical-grade glass, you won’t have to worry about it dropping or hitting anything, making it the ideal accessory for a doctor.

Additionally, the VACV has a 24-month warranty that makes returns simple and hassle-free.

Key characteristics:

  • A watch with all the characteristics a decent doctor watch needs, created for a vocation.
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Very practical; does not include any unnecessary features that are not necessary. does a good job.


This antique PP PEUGOT watch is perfect for healthcare professionals who want to dress more formally.

It looks so thin and delicate.

(This is something we really enjoyed because it’s not a feature you’ll typically see in timepieces made for doctors.) Although the watch may appear tiny, it was made with a doctor’s busy schedule in mind and contains large numbers that complement the dial.

As a result, just like with our previous entries, all you need to do to see the time is glance down at the dial.

Next, the dial supports the large, black hands that have these Arabic numerals on them, making it easy to read the complete watch. Additionally, the watch’s lifetime cell replacement option is something we truly liked.

The battery for this watch is essentially free; all you have to do is get in touch with PEUGOT. Additionally, SEIKO, a renowned watch manufacturer renowned across the world for accuracy, has featured quartz movements in some of the PEUGOT quartz watches.

Doctors and other healthcare workers will find it to be a great companion as they go about their busy days thanks to its many capabilities.

Key characteristics:

  • A classic object that looks as beautiful as it does
  • This article is incredibly correct, but it goes above and beyond by introducing Sieko for accuracy.
  • It makes a great companion because it is tough and resilient.


In this particular piece, T TICCI used military-grade materials, and we are all in favor of that.

A doctor has many responsibilities in their line of work, thus they simply cannot afford to own a delicate timepiece that might break or requires specific maintenance.

Consequently, T TICCI is included in our list of the best watches for doctors for a variety of reasons, but its top features are its exceptional materials and military-grade strength.

To put it mildly, the T TICCI watch is attractive. If you’re a new doctor who needs a reliable yet fashionable watch to keep track of the time for you while you’re on duty, this one with its matte finish and contrast dial is a fantastic beginner watch to have on your arm.

The T TICCI has an easy-to-read dial like all of our watches do (all the watches in our list have this quality). They have hands that contrast, which also makes it simple to take their pulse.

For precision, the watch also has markings for the 12 and 24 hours. Moreover, the T TICCI watch has a band and dial that are simple to clean, much like our other medical watches. As was already noted, this feature is absolutely necessary because it allows the wearer to wear the watch without worrying about it gathering dust and bacteria.

Key characteristics:

  • A antique timepiece with all the characteristics needed to qualify as a decent doctor’s watch
  • Very light
  • Perfect for someone seeking a stylish yet useful item

5. Plaris Nurse Watch

With its superbly crafted timepieces for nurses, Plaris has never ceased to astound us, and this black and rose gold piece is no exception.

The watch is fashionable and lovely; as was already said, it features a black case and a lovely rose gold dial. One of the best-looking watches on our list, the watch sports a minimalist design with a 36mm dial.

The PLARIS piece has a silicone band that is simple to clean and is also simple to clean with alcohol. Additionally, you can swim while wearing this watch (it has a water resistance up to 99ft as well).

We appreciate the water resistance feature because it eliminates the need for a nurse or doctor to constantly monitor the surroundings while wearing this watch.

The PLaris is a reliable timepiece to keep by your side if your career frequently entails unforeseen events.

Additionally, PLaris offers a ton of great features, and this is just the beginning of the list. It is also a great present because it is both straightforward and very useful.

Like all of our other watches, PLaris has a Quartz movement that is incredibly precise. Like we’ve previously stated, a patient’s survival could depend on how quickly seconds pass.

Any healthcare professional can measure heartbeats or respiration with the help of PLaris’ timekeeping.

Additionally, PLaris is totally returnable; you have 30 days from the date of purchase to do so if you change your mind.

Key characteristics:

  • The PLaris watch is fantastic and includes every feature a decent nurse watch should have.
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Its hands are really clear.

6. Nurse Watch

Because we choose to feature a distinctive design, this particular nursing watch differs slightly from our other ones.

Although it has a unique style, it has been made with a purpose in mind so that the doctor or nurse can carry out their everyday duties with free hands. To check the time, the healthcare worker only needs to take their watch out of their pocket.

All of our items can be sterilized, but this watch tops them all because it can be opened and is simple to disinfect.

The nursing watch may be attached to your ID card or your pocket, making it incredibly simple to carry. Although the watch is splash proof, it cannot be submerged in water for an extended period of time.

Key characteristics:

  • It has a distinctive design and is quite useful.
  • To reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses into pockets, it is possible to keep out of the pocket.
  • Sterilization is fairly simple.

7. Dakota Nurse

One of our favorite watches on this list is undoubtedly the Dakota. It has an astounding variety of hues, each of which is cuter than the last.

Dakota offers all the features and was created specifically for nurses and medical professionals.

It boasts a water-resistant design, is simple to clean, and has an incredibly clear display that makes it simple to see the time so you never lose track of the valuable seconds.

The watch also incorporates a highly accurate Quartz mechanism to reduce errors that could endanger lives. In addition, you have the option of returning it if you change your mind.

And to top it all off, the pricing is really reasonable.

Key characteristics:

  • A cost-effective investment
  • Can be harsh in application
  • Has a beautiful appearance and all the features a nurse needs.

8. Prestige Medical

A white nurse’s outfit or a white doctor’s coat go extremely well with the white watch Prestige Medical.

It is incredibly simple to clean thanks to its clear dial and white exterior. Moreover, it was designed with nurses and doctors in mind, much like our other watches.

To ensure that the mechanism is precise and simple to notice, the watch features a highly clear dial and contrasting hands.

A quartz movement provides the watch a perfect accuracy of just a few seconds. The Prestige is the right watch for you if you’re on a tight budget and want something reliable to wear all the time.

This watch is very affordable and also incredibly sturdy. We particularly like how comfortable it makes the wearer feel. It is simple to wear because it isn’t overly hefty.

Key characteristics:

  • Comfortable yet really powerful
  • The watch is very simple to operate because of its white exterior.
  • Attractive but robust

9. Prestige Scrubs

The Prestige Medical watch is somewhat different from the Scrubs watch.

Although it may have a simple appearance, its best quality is how well it does its function.

This watch has been made to be worn specifically as a work watch so that the doctor or nurse may go about their day and easily and practically keep track of the time. The characteristics of our other watches are all present in this reasonably priced watch.

It is simple to clean, splash proof, and has vibrant colors that make it simple for the wearer to see the time. It is the ideal watch for a healthcare practitioner because it is incredibly accurate as well.

Key characteristics:

  • A straightforward watch that manages to include every function a decent nursing watch should have without sacrificing crucial elements
  • To facilitate measures, the hands have contrasting hues.
  • Quite strong

10. ZAYAAN Health

A chroma-balanced watch in a variety of hues is called the Zayaan.

The best feature of ZAYAAN is how easy it can be sterilized and cleaned. The watch’s face lights when it is dark.

Additionally, the watch can be charged using light. Its practicality makes it a great companion for a doctor or nurse who requires a reliable tool.

Key characteristics:

  • A fantastic quartz watch that does not require charging.
  • A durable watch that the nurse or doctor can use without worrying about maintaining it
  • Readable display

11. Nurse Mates

The Nurse Mates watch is a straightforward and attractive timepiece that was created especially for nurses.

It contains all the necessary characteristics that a good nurses watch should have in addition to its attractive appearance.

In the first place, it is water and splash proof, so you don’t always need to be aware of it. The watch is very simple to use and easy to read. It is both broadly accurate and inexpensive.

Key characteristics:

  • Stylish but practical
  • Can also be worn on formal events.
  • Doesn’t cost a fortune

A decent doctor’s watch needs to have a variety of qualities, including durability, stain resistance, ease of cleaning, and of course, readability. These timepieces are all about functionality and will be your ideal shift partner.

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