Hermès Apple Watch

Hermès Apple Watch

Imagine a timepiece that fuses the sheer elegance of a luxury standard with the innovative genius of a tech icon. It’s not a fantasy. In fact, the Hermès Apple Watch is just that timepiece. Do we call it a smartwatch or a timepiece? That perhaps is the ultimate question that bubbles up to the surface.

We know Hermès for its undeniable volume of unrivaled luxury goods and clothing. They’ve been a steady force in the world of fashion and design for some time now.

And Apple for its part continues to push the boundaries with its catalog of forward-thinking computers, iPhones, and accessories.

But who could imagine that one of the standard bearers of luxury fashion and one of the leaders in tech would collaborate on a hybrid timepiece smartwatch?

The Hermès Apple Watch in 3 looks. Photo courtesy of Apple.


Hermès endows Apple with a luxury upgrade. And Apple gives the luxury brand a bit of tech street cred. What makes it a standout is its extra long band that wraps around your wrist twice.For those who want a simpler iteration, there is a single length version with either a 38 or 42 mm stainless steel case. The 38mm stainless steel case couples nicely with Hermès’ sense of understated cool. The fitted leather cuff, inspired by the equestrian world, acts as a heart rate sensor.

Finally, you can customize the watch with 3 different numeral designs that will give you date, time, stopwatch and world clock. And for an Hermès product, the watch is reasonably priced at about $1250 in retail stores. Hermès adheres strictly to finesse and classic design in rendering this timepiece. And Apple again pushes the envelope by adding a touch of elegance to its otherwise strictly tech-heavy catalog.