HoraHalus Watches – A Looking Glass Through Horology



If you have found yourself fascinated about watches and watchmaking, but still finds the same complicated and sees it like it is an entirely new world for you, it is time that you get to know the Hora Halus. Hora Halus welcomes you to the exciting and splendid world of horology. The term “Horology” is of Latin origin that means the study of time. It is the science and art of measuring time and making timepieces, respectively.

Hora Halus serves as your looking glass with the help of a middle class executive based in Singapore. The website, Hora Halus, takes you to a walk of discovering and learning about some of the world’s biggest names in watch design and watchmaking. Whether you are a layman or an established watch enthusiast, you will surely enjoy the interesting and great finds or discoveries about your favorite watch among many others.

This niche features previews of some watches that you might have either seen or missed. It will give you a glimpse of the unrivaled beauty and functionality of a certain timepiece. Moreover, for watch seekers who are still in the journey of finding their dream watch, Hora Halus has reviews of a wide array of watches that is worth your money, time, and effort. These reviews will be of big help so you know what is best for you and what is not, in accordance to your budget, taste, and preference. Hora Halus also shares with you some rich stories and history behind the brands. Revisiting the past has never been this amusing and enjoyable as you discover facts which you never knew happened or existed before we got a hold of the gorgeous finish product that wraps around the wrist or that is displayed in your watch closet as of the moment. Head on to Hora Halus and do yourself a favor. You will be glad to have found a friend.

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