How to Design, Manufacture And Launch a Watch Company

How to Build, Manufacture and Start Your Own Watch Company Udemy Course Review

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Personal Opinions

Firstly, I would like to thank my friend and business partner, Jahn Karsybaev of Miami Watch Company for giving me access to How to Design, Manufacture and Launch a Watch Company on Udemy. I was privileged to go through the course conducted by such an experienced watch business investor and owner.

I started Gracious Watch about 3 years ago at the time of writing this post and I thought I already knew a lot about the watch industry. I was blinded by the success of my existing website: Gracious Watch and was totally complacent for quite awhile.

Before I go through the course I thought to myself that all the information herein would be familiar to me but I was completely blown away with the quality and information Jahn had provided.

Whether you are an experienced player in the industry or you are just starting out, you will definitely benefit from this course. I personally gained and learned so much from Section 3 of the course: Watch Manufacturers. I think this is the most important part of the course especially if you are planning to start your own watch company.

Starting a watch company of your own can be a long, tedious and expensive process when you have no experience or connection whatsoever. Jahn highlighted several of his past experiences which I believe can save watch companies and business owners huge amount of time and money.

What is this Course About

The Course Layouts

  • Introduction
  • Watch Industry
  • Watch Manufacturers
  • Watch Components and Specifications
  • Watch Accessories
  • Financials
  • Design Process
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Summary and Conclusion
  • Resources
  • Bonus: Success Stories


Detailed and Informative

It is a good start to have a dream to own your own watch company some day. But a dream will only remain a dream if you have no idea what you are doing. In section 4, Jahn discussed all the basic components and specifications in a watch. There are so many options to choose from. To give you a short example, here are some of the options you will have to consider:

  • Movement: ETA Swiss movement vs Japanese Miyota (Citizen) movement vs other movements
  • Case Material: 316 Surgical Steel, 304, Titanium, Ceramic, Platinum 950 or other materials
  • Crystal: Sapphire Crystal or Mineral Glass
  • Crown: Push-pull or screw down
  • Manufacturer: Which Manufacturers to consider and which to avoid like a plague

Jahn took the extra mile to recommend what movement to use when you are first starting out, what kind of crystal you should use to increase the longevity of your brand and timepieces. This section alone is priceless and could possibly save you a lot of undue trial-and-error.

Tons of Graphs, Pictures and Statistics

A very interesting lesson in watch history with pictures and graphs. Shows you which companies have the biggest market shares, which countries have the highest import rate. Graphs on countries that buy classical timepieces vs smart watches. What kind of movements have the best sales compared to other kind of movements. Who are the top market leaders in the watch industry today. And many other helpful information that could help you to make better and easier decision along the way.

To See If You Are Prepared Enough to Start Your Own Watch Company

Starting a watch company is fun and interesting especially in the designing process. If all you have right now is a sketch design and the name of the company then you are definitely missing out on the other 80%.

Jahn goes into the rest of the 80% without beating around the bush. Covers each section with absolute precision to make sure you are ready for what is coming up in this exciting venture.

This Course is Designed For Your Success

The creator of this course, Jahn is absolutely interested in your success. He does not just go through with you the history, specifications, designing, manufacturing but most importantly, he covers the Marketing section. So what if you have a great design and packaging but lacks the awareness and marketing strategies? Chances are, you will be stacking up piles and piles of goods instead of selling them like hot-cakes.


Too Much Inforamtion to Take In

I tried to go through this course in a day and I was overwhelmed. I could not focused so I decided to stop the course and grab a cup of coffee. I come back a day later and resume the course and I was able to take in the information better. It also helps if you have a paper and pen while going through the course. It will definitely help a lot – at least it did for me.

I have two simple advise:

  1. DO NOT go through this course in a hurry. Be patience with yourself and the instructor.
  2. Go through the videos over again if you have to – to digest the information thoroughly.


I am giving my thorough and unbiased review here like my team and I always do. This course is an absolute must-have if you are planning to start your own watch company. I did a lot of interviews on Gracious Watch with founder, CEO, Director of watch companies. But some companies I have seen could not even last a year. And I am pretty sure some of these founders will pay a premium just to get a glimpse of the information layout so nicely in this course.

I believe the best way to learn is by learning from other people’s mistakes and experiences. That is one of the fastest way to grow and be ahead of your market.

Click here to preview the course at Udemy
Use ‘WatchesCourse’ to get $274.00 off the course (only $25.00) for the first 10 sign-ups

To end this review, I would like highlight a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself
Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself

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