Best Inexpensive Dive Watch – Affordable Seiko Dive Watch Review

best inexpensive dive watch.

The trend of dive watches has been there in the market for quite some time now. When it comes to best inexpensive dive watch, there are countless brands available in the market.

However the issue with majority of these watches is that in many cases these watches are expensive and it becomes very difficult for the average person to actually buy them.

In this article we plan to share with you a dive watch which is both inexpensive and is at the same time high in quality as well.


Seiko SRP779 Diver’s Men’s Watch

Seiko is a big company when it comes to watches. The company’s watches are spread all over the world.

Seiko is famous for its collection of dive watches and among these watches a name which is worth mentioning is that of Seiko SRP779 Diver’s Men’s Watch. This watch is known for its quality and lower price.

Before jumping onto the general features of this watch, in the heading below we have listed some of the benefits which this watch can provide to you.

Overall the Seiko brand itself has won many awards due to its marvelous collection of watches. The names of some of these awards are as follows

  • 1968 the company is given the best chronometer award
  • In 2000 the company’s Die Presse ( watch) was declared as the watch of the year
  • “Spring Drive Chronograph SPS001” was declared as the watch of the year in 2008


best inexpensive dive watch.

The Benefits of the best inexpensive dive watch

The Seiko Diver watch has the ability to provide you advantages beyond your imagination.

These watches have a depth resistance of around 600 feet in almost all of its models.

Seiko operates via a movement with your own arm. The watch is high in reliability as well as quality.


Let’s see some of the benefits of Seiko Diver’s Watch:

  • The Seiko watch is equipped with Japanese automatic movement. The point is that Japanese automatic movement is highly regarded all over the world. Through a Seiko SRP779 Diver’s Watch you can attain this movement at a very lower cost
  • The watch is very simple when it comes to regulation which means that changing and switching of links is very easy
  • Dive watch actually grooms your personality and looks attractive on your wrist. Though it’s a dive watch however it can be worn during parties and events as well.
  • In addition the overall comfort level of the watch is excellent and you can do your daily tasks with ease without feeling any irritation on your wrist


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Product Specifications (The Seiko SRP779 Diver’s Men’s Watch)

Now let’s see some of the features and specifications of the watch. These specifications will actually tell you the quality level of this watch and its true offerings

  • The watch is of Seiko brand and as already explained it is a big name in the market
  • The model number of this watch is SRP779
  • The part number of the watch is SRP779K1
  • The year of the watch’s model is 2016
  • The shape of the watch is round
  • The material type of the Dial window is Hardlex
  • The display type of the watch is Analog
  • The clasp of the watch is “Buckle”
  • The material of the case is stainless steel. It also contributes to the overall style of the watch
  • The case diameter of the watch is 45 millimeters and thickness of the watch is “13”
  • The material of the band is Rubber
  • The length of the band is Men’s Standard
  • The width of the band is 22 millimeters
  • The color of the band is black
  • Also, the dial color is also black
  • The bezel of the watch has been manufactured via stainless steel
  • The watch is water resistant upto 200 Meters
  • The watch is equipped with a calendar


Conclusion – the Best Inexpensive Dive Watch

There are many platforms from where the Seiko SRP779 Diver’s Men’s Watch can be purchased by you.

Apart from this mentioned watch there are several other diver watches also available in the market which has been manufactured by Seiko.

But anyway, speaking about  the best inexpensive dive watch the Seiko SRP779 Diver’s Men’s Watch is the leader.

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