Interview with Andy Bica, CEO of Peren Watches

Interview with Andy Bica CEO of Peren Watches #1

Interview with Andy Bica CEO of Peren Watches #1

1. What makes you want to venture into the watch industry

The main reason that I decided to start a new watch brand in this saturated industry, is that I want to share my vision with the whole world regarding the difference between an overvalued quality product and an accessible one. Peren’s main goal is to empower individuals with high quality products at the lowest price possible and that is worth to fight for, with all those high marketed watch brands in the industry.

Interview with Andy Bica CEO of Peren Watches #2

2. Tell us more about Peren Watches

Peren Watches is the first watch brand coming from a mystical land dominated by legends and stories about Vampires and about my ancestor, Vlad the Impeller also known as Dracula. Peren is different. We are not just only an ordinary watch brand which appeared over the night. We are the outcomes of hard and passionate work which transcends the boundaries of time and space and aims to offer to ordinary mortals, unmatched quality-wise perennial products. The name of the brand comes from the Latin ”perennis” which means perennial, perpetual, long lasting, durable and the Logo symbolize the teeth of the famous Transilvanian warlord, Dracula.

Interview with Andy Bica CEO of Peren Watches #3

3. What makes Peren watches different than the thousands of watch brands out there

The main concept that Peren aims to deploy is the direct-to-consumer feature. At Peren, we want to give to each individual the power to express their character through an everlasting timepiece without the inconvenience of dealing with a rude salesperson. Because we manually assemble all our timepieces in our own workshops, we have the full control over quality and distribution.

Interview with Andy Bica CEO of Peren Watches #4

4. Where is the watches available? How do customers order one and what is the pricing?

Because we are at our very beginning, the watches are available on our Kickstarter live campaign at You can pledge now for our Swiss quality bargain and own the first Peren chronograph watch for as low as $190 CAD ( $168 US).

Interview with Andy Bica CEO of Peren Watches #5

5. What is your vision? What do you hope to accomplish with Peren Watch?

My vision that I want to implement, is that everybody deserves to have a high quality product without having to spend so much for the brand or label. I want to provide each individual with the best Swiss movements combined with top notch raw materials at a price that will make big brands tremble.

Interview with Andy Bica CEO of Peren Watches #6

6, Please tell us more about yourself, Andy

I am a young an passionate watch enthusiast and watchmaker from Transylvania. I was trained in the art of watchmaking in the capital of watches Biel/Bienne, Switzerland working at some famous Swiss watch brands and upon my returning to my homeland I decided to give back to the community what I had learned.

I was born in a small village under the Carpathian mountains and baptized in a Church where the body of Dracula’s brother was found in the shrine having the ring of the monarchical chivalric Order of the Dragon (Read The truth behind an everlasting love story). Even from an early age I developed a passion for small crafted objects and flying instruments. At the age of 10 I had the possibility to de-assemble my first mechanical watch, which belonged to my father.

Interview with Andy Bica CEO of Peren Watches #7

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