Interview with Benzi Rosenski, Founder of Torgoen

Interview with Benzi Rosenski, Founder of Torgoen Professional Pilot Watches

Interview with Benzi Rosenski, Founder of Torgoen Professional Pilot Watches

1. How did Torgoen begin? Share with us your story

I have been connected to the watch industry all my life, including manufacturing and distribution but never in retailing. I thought of using my experience and combine it with my passion for flying in order to create high quality pilot watches. Torgoen was created with the goal of supplying professional pilot watches using the highest quality Swiss movements, and priced reasonably. It was planned to include aviation features such as E6B Flight Computers, UTC or GMT Dual Time hands that displays time in military format.

The Internet allows us the opportunity to connect directly with the final consumer in ways that were never possible before and facilitates the interaction and sharing the experiences I had both as a recreational pilot and a watch manufacturer.

2. What do you wish to accomplish with Torgoen and what makes Torgoen stand out from the hundreds of watch brands out there?

We are proud to be a brand that focuses and specializes in aviation. This makes our designers think and create the best value for our customers.

Torgoen designs are driven by market trends as well as personal taste with inspiration from the cockpit, where you have clear and large markers and digits and very visible hands. These designs appeal not only to pilots but to many people. They are sporty looking watches with touches of casual wear and very readable (ergonomic).

3. Why name it Torgoen? What is the meaning of Torgoen

The name Torgoen is derived from Thor, the god of thunder in Nordic mythology, and Goen which is a derivative of “go”. The name symbolizes the boldness, functionality and simplicity of design (Thor) in time keeping devices (Goen).

4. Where is your watches available? How do customers order one and what is the pricing?

Our watches available on our web site at: We sell and deliver worldwide. Shipping in the US is free. Watch prices are between $200-$1000

5. Please tell us more about yourself

I am fully qualified Single engine pilot. My flight training was all in the US. I flew mainly Cessna 172 but also Beechcraft, Diamond and Mooney.

I don’t fly anymore and I regret not flying. I may try to come back to it, but the problem is that it more time than I have available (maybe it is a bad excuse).

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