Interview with Nil Shah, Creator of Ferro Watches 2

What makes you want to venture into the watch industry

I have always loved fine watches and sports cars, and as a product designer, I said to myself: why not designing a watch to express my desire and at the same time to bring it to the market so other watch lovers can have their hands one a unique quality watch without breaking their piggy bank.

A beautiful Ferro Watch with a glove at the side of it

Tell us more about Ferro Watches

Ferro watches are unique quality timepieces inspired by Sports Cars Tachometers geared with high quality Swiss and Japan movements; specifically designed with a blend of modern look and elegant feel.

Interview with Nil Shah, Creator of Ferro Watches

What makes Ferro Watches watches different than the hundreds of watch brands out there

There are many great designed and quality watches out there and Ferro is one of them. But the main differences between Ferro watches and others are the single hand function as well as the fusion  design.  I have combined the modern face with vintage case and elegant crown. The over all design is minimal and simple. Less is more.

Interview with Nil Shah, Creator of Ferro Watches 3

Where is the watches available? How do customers order one and what is the pricing?

We are currently live on Kickstarter crowd funding website. Our campaign page link is

Customers can pre-order their Ferro watch(es) at a special KS price. The Swiss Quartz movement series are available at CAN$139 (approx. US$ 120) which have MSRP of $200. The Japan Automatic movement series are available at CAN$229 (approx US$199) with MSRP of $400. These prices are actually limited in quantity and will go up to the next higher price level once the limit is reached.

Interview with Nil Shah, Creator of Ferro Watches 4

What is your vision? What do you hope to accomplish with Ferro Watches?

I aim to design and bring more quality watches to the market. There is a demand in simple and minimalist designed watches and I am willing to fill that nish with more unique and  unexpected  designed timepieces.

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