Interview with Paul Saitta of JORD Wood Watches

JORD Wood Watches - Gracious Watch

JORD Wood Watches (746 Series Cherry & Black) - Gracious Watch

Please tell us more about JORD wood watches

JORD Wood Watches is about to hit its one year anniversary, we launched our company back in November 2013. Our original line started with the 746, 94A, Delmar, Sully, Fieldcrest, and Ely. We have since added the Dover, Sidney, and Cora to our product line, we try to develop new designs every couple of months or so. We want to shed some light and freshen up an industry that has been pretty stagnant (aside from smart watches) for quite some time now. We wanted to be different, start a new trend, we decided to use sustainable resources to create a watch is totally unique and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Entering our second year we are looking to expand our products, possibly create a wood watch that you can customize, wooden cuff links, along with wooden sunglasses.

JORD Wood Watches (Delmar Blue) - Gracious Watch

Tell us more about yourself, Paul

I run all of the Marketing here at JORD. I work alongside my good friend and Chief Brand Officer Salman (Read Our Story). We grew up together in the St. Louis Missouri (United States) area and have always been into trendy things. We both have business degrees and decided instead of working in the corporate world, do something on our own. I grew up as a watch fanatic, my Grandfather gifted me my first watch from his collection when I was only four years of age. Since then I have been obsessed with having a watch on my wrist, even before I could tell time. To me a watch is more than just a device that tells you time, it is a fashion piece, it can tell you something about the personality of a person. That is one of the things we try to bring out in the watches we create, each watch is completely different from any other watch, even if its the same style due to the grains in the wood. It is completely unique, just like the person wearing it! Even though I did not attend fashion school, I have always been intrigued by fashion, so I wanted to take an age old concept bring it back to life, but do it outside the box.

JORD Wood Watches (Fieldcrest) - Gracious Watch

Tell us more about the watch 

As I stated earlier all of our watches are completely unique from one another. We have just launched our women’s line that is a hot seller, and sure to continue on the upward trend heading into the holidays. All of the woods we use are from sustainable materials sourced from around the world, including: sandalwood, maple, koa, and zebrawood. We use a few different types of glass for our timepieces, the lower end models have blue film scratch proof glass and the higher in have sapphire crystal glass in them. We have also upgraded our movements to help keep accurate time, our lower end models have citizen quartz miyota movements in them and our higher end models have seagull movements in them. The watches are very light weight and comfortable for every day use. That is the most surprising thing when a person first picks up a JORD Wood Watch, they said, “This is so light weight!” Our watches are one of a kind, sure to turn heads and catch peoples attention.

JORD Wood Watches (94A Series) - Gracious Watch

Where is the watches available? How do customers order one and what is the pricing? 

All of our watches are available at our online store You may order directly through our site, it is very easy, safe and secure to do. We ship all of our products all over the world, international shipping is $20.00 USD and for domestic (within the United States) shipping is free. We try and make our products as affordable as possible. The watches have a price range from $120-$295 USD, so there is something for everyone!

JORD Wood Watches (Delmar Red) - Gracious Watch

What is next for JORD wood watches?

As I stated earlier in our interview, we are looking to broaden our horizons with wooden cuff links and sunglasses. We are also coming up with new designs within our office. We do not have a set designer on the watches, everyone kind of works together and puts something together that we all think will look cool. We try to release new designs every 3-4 months or so, like I said we are trying to keep things fresh and bring back a industry that has been pretty stagnant for awhile. We are definitely excited about heading into our second year, we expect big things to come!

JORD Wood Watches - Gracious Watch

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