Interview with Angel Andraca, Creator of Ttanti Watches

Chatwin Watch on Wooden Background

Chatwin Watch on Wooden Background

  • How did you get started with Ttanti Watches?

Max and I studied in the same masters of design, where we develop this motivation in the creation of products. After we graduated we realised that we didn’t want to work in a normal job, so we stayed in the fabrication lab where we used to study and started prototyping different ideas. After 3 months of hard work we end up with a good prototype, which helps us convince an investor to believe in our project.

The making of Ttanti Watches - Handmade Wood Lathe

  • Where do you get the idea to create this brand. What inspires you when it comes to design?

We realised that there was a very strong trend of wood watches in the market, but all of them were cheap. So we thought that maybe it would be a very good idea if we start focusing in the value and not the price of that kind of watches. After some weeks of research, we saw that all the tourist in Chile loved Patagonia, and for them that specific place was very enchanting and mystic. Patagonia is an incredible location, beautiful flora and fauna, and a scenario for meditation and self awareness. So we wanted to express that in our product. Not only a watch that shows you the time, but that explains that time passes and you have to enjoy the present, stop rushing and start enjoying.

Ttanti Lifestyle - 03

  • Let’s talk about your various market. Which countries and/or cities do you think will be your biggest market for this launch

We think that the US and some countries of Europe are our targets. Mainly because of the concept of the brand, because Patagonia is well known in those countries and we think they will understand Ttanti, which more than a watch y an experience.

Ttanti Design - Magallanes Watch

  • Do you plan to create more watches in the future, or will this be more of a one-time, one-design idea?

We will continue for sure, Chile is not only Patagonia, is a land full of stories and mysticism, so we definitely are going to exploit those concepts. Maybe other woods, because our country is full of forests where trees fell naturally and lay in the ground for centuries, developing different and glorious colours and textures. Wood is not the only a material that we can explore, we have volcanos, huge mountains and a vast shore, and all of them express a different meaning, so we have more subjects to study.

Ttanti Lifestyle - 04

  • Is there anything you’d like to highlight to the Gracious Watch readers related to your current model?

Ttanti is a brand that wants to redefine the concept of luxury, where the luxury are not only the materials involve in the watch, but the whole story that can share with the user. For the future users of Ttanti, you will have centennial native wood for Patagonia in your wrist, symbolising life itself. Also the design is focus to a modern person, aiming for a minimalistic design, where the sum of the components creates the identity of the watch. For quality, all the assembly its done in Switzerland.

  • Where will the watches be available after the launch?

Right now we are talking with major distributors in US, Germany and England, but to concrete that takes time. So we think that in the short term you will get to us throw our web page

Ttanti Design - Straps Easy to Change

  • What are your goals for Ttanti Watches in the next 5 years?

Our major goal is to become a known brand in the design watch market. We dream

  • What do you personally look for in a timepiece?

Im more focus in the design, because a well done design can express different things. Those things are the ones that at the end of the day mix in your own identity. I’m a romantic person.

Ttanti Usability

  • Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

For me this 3 years have been an incredible adventure. I didn’t know much about watches, and a little about wood, and i’m proud of what we have achieve. I say this, because is very enriching to know that people like our product, really, and for me that’s the main reason i do this.

Ttanti Lifestyle - 05

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