Interview with Alex Dask, Founder of Wanderlust Watches

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch 7

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch 7

  • Thank you Alex for taking the time to speak with us today. Please share us more about yourself and your background in this industry.

Thanks so much for your time. My background is more fashion modelling and photography than watch making specifically. I think this is becoming more common as watches continue to become more of a fashion piece rather than something you wear for a practical purpose, such as telling the time.

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch Design and Planning

  • Where do you get the idea to create this brand. What inspires you when it comes to design?

A few years back I was travelling around New York and Europe modelling and I really wanted to create a fashionable watch brand. I had always loved my father’s vintage Cartier watches from the 1980s with their simple, yet elegant design but I simply didn’t have the resources and time then to bring my idea to fruition. I was finally able to bring Wanderlust Watches to life in May of this year. In terms of design, I have done a lot of travelling and through this journey I have seen a lot of different cultures and fashions, from the eclectic vibe in Tokyo to the effortless style in Paris, and I really draw my inspiration from this.

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch 10

  • Let’s talk about your various market. Which countries and/or cities do you think will be your biggest market for this launch

We are still in the early stages, although are already seeing some customer trends in terms of key markets. We are based in Sydney, Australia and have had great support from home. Although, we are also seeing quite a few customers from the US, UK, Germany and Japan which has been really exciting for us.

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch 9

  • Do you plan to create more watches in the future, or will this be more of a one-time, one-design idea?

We actually have a Kickstarter campaign for our new Paris Collection throughout January 2016/ Early Feb 2016. This collection is a modern twist on a forgotten timepiece – The Pocket Watch.

We are really lucky that we love the design process, so we definitely plan to launch more collections. We actually have a lot of new designs we want to release but it’s quite a long process going from design to production so we envisage launching these slowly over the next couple of years.

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch 11

  • Is there anything you’d like to highlight to the Gracious Watch readers related to your current model?

I’d love to mention that for every timepiece we sell on our website we donate a portion of the proceeds to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Tiger 511 Project. This project helps save the fewer than 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild by stopping the poachers!

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch 4

  • Where will the watches be available after the launch?

We sell online via the Wanderlust Watches website. Our plan is to expand further into brick and mortar retail over the coming years. We will be in quite a few retail outlets in Japan early next year and other asian markets to follow later in the year. We are also in discussions with some potential partners in other markets – so watch this space (excuse the pun, only one we promise haha)

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch 5

  • What are your goals for Wanderlust Watches in the next 5 years?

We hope to have established some great relationships in the industry and be known as one of the key players in the fashion watch space. Although, while business success is important to us so we can continue to do what we love – we are also super passionate about wildlife conservation and really want to raise as much as we can for our charity partner, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. Our goal is to have raised $100K by 2020 for this amazing cause to help ensure the Sumatran Tiger remains alive in the wild for future generations to see.

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Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch 8

  • What do you personally look for in a timepiece?

I know this is a bit expected but what I look for is something like the Williamsburg timepiece from our New York Collection. It’s minimal, affordable and can be dressed up or down so is pretty ideal for almost any occasion.

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch 3

Wanderlust Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch 2

  • Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

We love feedback so if your readers want to get in touch directly our email is [email protected]

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