Interview with Bjorn Bonnevier, CEO and Founder of Bonvier Watches

Interview with Bjorn Bonnevier, CEO and Founder of Bonvier Watches 4

Interview with Bjorn Bonnevier, CEO and Founder of Bonvier Watches 4

1. What is the story of Bonvier Watches? We’d love to know on how you get started

Me and my brother was working within the contemporary art market in Rome, Italy. We were then running a known art gallery and sold art on the private market. As we always have had a huge passion for creativity, design and watches. It felt completely right and led us to create and design a watch collection. With our unique experience we also felt we could bring something extra to the table. After a long period of detailed planning and designing, we finally had our first watch assembled and ready. The result was an elegant and timeless design inspired by vintage watches, but yet contemporary with a minimalistic simplicity and with an attention to detail.

2. What is the Aim, Vision, Mission of Bonvier Watches?

First of all we hope that we can meet peoples expectations with high quality and great design. We create our watches for others to use, so we hope they are well received and used daily. That is the most important thing for us. So far the response from our clients has been great. Second of all we don’t glance much at other brands and what they do. We create and produce watches that we personally like and can stand for. Quick profit is not our aim, if anybody is slightly dissatisfied they just have to send the watches back to us and we reimburse.

As for the design we love the art of minimalism. At first glance it can seem to be the easiest thing to do, but in reality it’s the other way around. It’s sprung out of Zen architecture, so you need to have patience. Pay high attention to details, see the whole picture and keep your mind at ease. High quality is as important as the design and all our watches are assembled with reliable Swiss or Japanese movements.

3. Please tell us more about yourself

I have a huge passion for creativity, design and engineering. I am originally from way up in northern Sweden, the sub-arctic area. A harsher climate that has probably shaped me a lot. Later in life I re-located and now I live close to Rome, Italy. Where Bonvier Watches is also located. I like the philosophy that everything we have is just gained upon others, realising that we know that everything we have should be given back to others. Easy to say but hard to perform as the saying goes.

4. How do our readers order a watch from you?

You are all very welcome to visit us at We offer free shipping worldwide on all our watches. If you have any questions, always feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]. We will answer you as soon as possible.

5. What is next for Bonvier Watches?

Soon we will add a couple of new variations to the existing collection. After summer we will also launch a new collection aimed more towards women. That new collection will have a smaller case measuring 35 mm. Although all our watches are unisex. Besides the existing collection called Classic, we will soon also launch a new collection cold Heritage. So there is new things coming up for sure! Just stay tuned on our website for the latest news – Thanks for the interview!

Interview with Bjorn Bonnevier, CEO and Founder of Bonvier Watches 2

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Interview with Bjorn Bonnevier, CEO and Founder of Bonvier Watches

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