Interview with Kwame A. Molden of SPGBK Wood Watches

Spring Break Wood Watches - SPGBK BLUE MAGIC

Please tell us more about SPGBK Wood Watches

SPGBK Watches is a modern watch brand that provides fashion pioneers with affordable and high quality watches. Our hybrid watches are made from 100% recycled wood, incorporate cool designs, and are moderately priced for consumers. Our company was founded with the idea that watch fantatics and people that enjoy contemporary assecssories deserve a better watch. A watch that is more innovative, more awesome, and more eco-friendly. Starting with 1 watch, The White Party, we have been able to grow our brand organically by providing high quality watches and using our customer’s feedback to create new watches.

Overall, we started our journey in early 2013 with the idea of starting a company with a product we were both passionate about that was sustainable. We wanted our company to be college themed, considering our positive experiences in school, and also appeal to the mass market and modern culture, which is how we came up with the name SPGBK.

Spring Break Wood Watches - SPGBK WHITE PARTY 2.0

Tell us more about yourself, Kwame 

I am the Co-Founder and Creative Director of SPGBK Watches. My overall role is listen to our customers and provide them with creative watches and service. I enjoy cool products and have a deep passion for colorful designs. I started SPGBK with my best friend and fraternity brother because we both love watches and have mutual business acumen. I’ve worked corporate, recieved my MBA, etc. but none of that compares to owning SPGBK. We have both dedicated our lives to this company as well as inspiring others to chase their dreams and entrepreneurial interests.

Spring Break Wood Watches - SPGBK WHITE PARTY 2.0 (Men With Tattoo)

Tell us more about the watch

The SPGBK wood watch is a redesigned and re-imagined maple wood watch that lighter, stronger, and more comfortable, than any watch ever made. All of our watches incorporate colorful designs and are unisex watches for all. It features a Miyota movement and wide dial with gold trimmings and crowns. We offer the most affordable wood watch in the market and provide lifetime warranty for all of our products. If you looking for a wood watch that is fun, sexy, and bold, we offer that tpe of watch.

Spring Break Wood Watches - MIAMI SOUTH BEACH

Where is the watches available? How do customers order one and what is the pricing?

The entire SPGBK collection is located at, which is the best place to find our product. Customers can order here at anytime and our watches start at $79.99USD. We have multiple distributors and retailers throughout the US and Europe, as well. Shipping is always Free.

Spring Break Wood Watch - SPGBK WHITE PARTY 2.0

What is next for SPGBK Wood Watches?

We are targeting specific markets with huge growth potential and plan to become the number watch brand for fashion pioneers by continuously introducing innovative and eco-friendly watches to the market. We plan to stay committed to our original vision and goals and keep providing effective solutions to our customers.

Spring Break Wood Watch


Instagram: @woodwatches

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