Interview with Lara-Marie Seitz and Siamak Petri, Co-founders of Manyears Watches

Interview with Manyears Watches 2

Interview with Manyears Watches 2

  • Thank you Siamak for taking the time to speak with us today. Please share us more about yourself and your background in this industry.

Thanks for allowing us to give you this interview. My english is not the best, so I hope that you understand what I am trying to say.  My name is Siamak Petri and the name of my girlfriend and business partner is Lara-Marie Seitz. We are based in Germany near to Mannheim. Our mission was clear: we decided to create elegant and minimalisitic looking watches for both gender! No men and no women, unisex! So we started to design the watch about 9 months and now its time to produce our first watch HORA unisex. Manyears contains 2 words. Many and years, we choosed manyears because we don’t wan’t to produce only watches, we want to produce watches with a message, Our message is “ Time is valuable, use it right and begin to build something big!” Of course manyears means that our watches will be your personal companion, your reminder of your act in which you are the protagonist. The good quality and the great timepiece will be your companion for many years.

  • How did you get started with Manyears Watches?

We started with the design. After we got our final design we tried fo find an wholesale producer and we found one. After this I build our website and I had taken the pictures with Lara as a model. It’s all 100% selfmade. And now we need to launch the watches.

Interview with Manyears Watches 6

  • Where do you get the idea to create this brand. What inspires you when it comes to design?

We wanted to have our own brand and our own unisex watches! Lara could wear my watch and I could wear her watch too. The minimalistic design is exactly what we want to have. Clean and simple, so it can fit to every person wrist.

  • Let’s talk about your various market. Which countries and/or cities do you think will be your biggest market for this launch

We think that Germany and the United States will be our biggest markets, of course Europe too but we try to focus on Germany and the United States first.

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  • Do you plan to create more watches in the future, or will this be more of a one-time, one-design idea?

Of course. We plan to create a lot of different watches. Every watch should be different. We want to spread our message and our brand.

  • Is there anything you’d like to highlight to the Gracious Watch readers related to your current model?

Yes, our current model HORA unisex is available in 2 colors, black and brown. We try to give you the best quality and an afordable price. HORA means time in Spanish.

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  • Where will the watches be available after the launch?

After the launch our watches will be available on our website:

  • What are your goals for Manyears Watches in the next 5 years?

After 5 years we want to have a different range of 50 watches and be known worldwide.

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  • What do you personally look for in a timepiece?

A timepiece should have a very good quality and I must rely on the watch. It also should looks great and fit to all clothes.

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Interview with Manyears Watches


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