Interview with Mark Ang, Founder of Hastings & Co

Interview with Mark Ang, Founder of Hastings & Co

Interview with Mark Ang, Founder of Hastings & Co

1. How and Why Did You Venture Into The Watch Industry?

I’ve always had a passion for watches – I love their sophistication and the detail that goes into them. I also love everything relating to design, and having the chance to design my own watch was an extremely rewarding process for me.

2. What is the Mission of Hastings & Co?

At Hastings, we really want to reach out to as many people as possible. We started out with the goal to afford everyone a high quality, luxury designed watch, and we won’t stop until we’ve reached that goal. So far, we’ve reached people as far as Singapore, Turkey, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Mexico, the US, and Canada. I remember when Hastings was in it’s early stages a good friend of mine asked me: “So who’s your target market,” and I replied: “Everyone with a wrist.”

3. Tell Us More About Yourself Mark?

I come from a family that shares a passion for watches. When my father took me out to buy a watch for the first time, the experience was unforgettable. I remember being taken aback by how beautiful some of the pieces were, and by how much they cost. Professionally, I have a background in business and manufacturing. This has definitely helped me along the way in sourcing a reputable manufacturer, one that has the same values as Hastings, and is just as committed to delivering a quality product as I am. I’m also committed to delivering the best customer experience possible – buying a watch should be an effortless and exciting process.

4. Where are the watches available and how do our readers order one?

The watch is currently available on Kickstarter. We’re offering them at discounted rates starting at $99. After our campaign comes to an end, they will be available at

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