Interview with Robert Leung, Founder of Amorstil

Amorstil Watch 1

Amorstil Watch 1

  1. What is the meaning of Amorstil, why name it Amorstil?

Our company is named Amorstil because we envisioned a brand where everyone can afford and enjoy our products. The name “Amorstil” comes from a combination of the prefix ‘amor’, which in Spanish means ‘to love’, and the suffix ‘stil’ which, in German means ‘style’. We wanted a brand name where people can associate with fashionable products and ‘loving style’.

Amorstil Watch 6

  1. How did you get started? 

Our story started out as two friends searching for a watch-one of us had a budget of $100 to spend, and we had trouble finding a watch that we liked within that price range. Big watch brands typically have huge markups for their watches, so we had the idea of creating a well-designed watch that many people can afford. We ended up doing 3D modeling of our initial watch designs and once we created a timepiece my friend and I would wear, we decided it would be the product that we’d release to the public.

Amorstil Watch 2

  1. What is the goal for Amorstil? What do you wish to achieve?

Our goal with Amorstil is to create a watch company that endures through time. We want to be seen as a serious competitor with other big watch brands, but most importantly, we want to create stylish products that people will love.

Amorstil Watch 7

  1. Where is the watches available and how do customers order one?

The watches are currently available for pre-order on our Kickstarter campaign starting from $35. We’re off to a fantastic start and we’re looking forward to our journey of creating beautiful timepieces for everyone.

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  1. Please tell us more about your self Robert

I’m currently a college student in Austin, Texas. I’ve always been interested in technology, design and products, so I thought it’d be fun to create a physical product, specifically Amorstil Watches. I think watches are fascinating because they’re a really cool combination of engineering, art, and personal expression.

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