Interview with Tom Clark, Chief Executive of Philip Ashton

Philip Ashton Interview on Gracious Watch

Philip Ashton Interview on Gracious Watch

  1. Please share with us more about yourself Tom

Since a young age I have always had a fascination with watches. It was actually my grandmother who bought me my first watch and would always encourage to me wear one as a young child. As I grew older and managed to find work, I would often spend my wage on buying timepieces to add to a collection and considered myself a watch geek. As others would go and play sport, I would be more interested in understanding how watches worked and trying to add to my collection.

Along side my passion for watches I’ve also always been quite entrepreneurial. Anything I had an interest in and some point in time I consider putting my own spin on it. One of my longest and first friends also shared this passion for watches, so it was only natural for us to work together and create a new watch brand, celebrating our heritage and hometown. From here Philip Ashton was born. Ultimately we wanted to work within a passion of ours, bringing new and interesting timepieces to the market.

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  1. What is the company mission of Philip Ashton? What do you wish to accomplish?

Philip Ashton was created to share our passion for watches with the world. It was important for us to make sure that our understanding and relation to the end consumer stayed a focus throughout the design process and the near and far future. We didn’t want a “big business” approach and really want to put Bristol (England) on the map in the watch world. By showing that there is a real creative spark here, not only in watches but all walks of life.  We hope that such spark trickles through our brand and more importantly, our watches.

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  1. What is the difference between Philip Aston and the thousands of brands out there?

Our main focus as a new brand is to really stand out in the market place. We hope to do this by showing the world that very high quality Swiss watches can actually be affordable. We wanted to put a British cultural twist on the design of our watches, each design representing something different about our personal values, local culture and company values. We felt this is essential in order to really grow as a brand and ensure we don’t get label as “just another micro-brand”. As we grow and continue to release new watches we hope to further establish this goal of ours and share it with the world.

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  1. Where is the watches available and how can our readers order one?

Currently our watches are available on Philip Ashton. Really wanted to grow this brand with the consumers and for their support we have drastically reduced the price in order to show our appreciation. On average we have knocked  £50 (75 US Dollars) (70 Euros) off our RRP. Further extending our focus on affordability. We are always available and eager to hear your thoughts and questions, so for any further information please to feel free to email us.

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