Interview with Janus Aarup, Co-founder of VEJRHØJ Watches

Interview with Janus Aarup, Co-founder of VEJRHØJ Watches 2

Interview with Janus Aarup, Co-founder of VEJRHØJ Watches 2

  • How did you get started with VEJRHØJ Watches and where do you get the idea to create this brand?

3 years ago, when I was writing my master’s thesis about Danish design with focus on furniture and watches. I got intrigued by the idea of designing timepieces made of wood, and I started to play around with a few simple designs and prototypes, which I managed to get into production, and sell to a few design stores in Scandinavia.

Our new collection – VEJRHØJ NAUTIC – is created in collaboration with the renowned Danish designer, Bo Bonfils. We have been working constantly on the design and developing prototypes for almost 2 years.

  • What inspires you when it comes to design?

Like many people in Scandinavia, I have a preference for simple and natural designs made from quality materials. I prefer hardwood as it gives you this warm and comfortable feeling, which artificial materials don’t. I probably also have a predisposition towards natural materials, as I grew up at the foot of the Vejrhøj hills and forest, next to sea. Also, I believe that our new collection captures a nautical feeling, without a lot of unnecessary clutter.

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  • Let’s talk about your various market. Which countries and/or cities do you think will be your biggest market for this launch

We have been going for almost two weeks on Kickstarter, and we got pre-orders from all over the world, so it is difficult to single out one country. I guess our design is very universal, when it comes to design preferences. But we have had many backers from North America. It is a huge market, compared to Scandinavia, so we are looking across the Atlantic for new distributors or retail partners.

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  • Do you plan to create more watches in the future, or will this be more of a one-time, one-design idea? 

This is actually our third watch collection, but the far most ambitious in terms of design and materials, which is why we need to fund the production on Kickstarter. We have received an amazing amount of positive feedback regarding how we combine wood and steel, so we will most definitely continue to improve and create new designs.

  • Is there anything you’d like to highlight to the Gracious Watch readers related to your current model? 

We have been very fortunate to work with the, Bo Bonfils, on the design for the NAUTIC collection, and we have learned a lot from him during the last 1,5 years. Perhaps we will explore the possibility of collaborating with other designers for our future collections, if they got the same edge as Bo Bonfils.

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  • Where will the watches be available after the launch? 

They will be available on our website and through our retail partners. Our previous collections are currently available in 40 design stores primarily in Scandinavia, though we also got a few retail partners in the UK and Spain. In 2016 we are looking to expand into Germany and possibly also North America.

  • What are your goals for VEJRHØJ Watches in the next 5 years?

For the nearest future we will continue to focus on creating watches from wood and steel. But looking ahead we might want to explore other product categories – if we believe that we can contribute with something unique, by using the same materials and design approach.

We would like to build our brand the old fashioned way – through retail stores.

As mentioned earlier, we currently have our products selling in 40 design stores in various European countries. However in 5 years’ time, I hope we will be well represented in designer and watch stores outside Europe.

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  • What do you personally look for in a timepiece?

I look for a distinctive design and quality materials. Something that stands out, while still keeping the design clean. That is also what we have tried to accomplish with the VEJRHØJ NAUTIC collection.

  • Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview? 

You can find our collection on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order the watches and save 50% of the future retail price.

Interview with Janus Aarup, Co-founder of VEJRHØJ Watches 3

Download The Leaflet of VEJRHØJ NAUTIC (right click, save as)

Connect with VEJRHØJ on:

Facebook: Vejrhøj
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