Introducing Freedom to Exist

Freedom to Exist

Freedom to Exist

What good is life without the freedom to live? In the vast world of watch industry, you might have come across numerous pieces that look great and beyond amazing, but made you felt restricted. You have this good-looking sports watch that you would love to wear to gala, but cannot just because the rules said you can’t. To truly enjoy and experience the beauty of watches, a freedom to choose, to fall in love, to wear what you want, and how you want to is what you need. That is the Freedom to Exist.

Freedom to Exist is a product of a group of design-lovers who embrace the beauty of simplicity and inspired by the timeless appeal of vintage watches. They envisioned timepieces that are free from fast fashion and passing trend and watches that are free from visible branding, unnecessary technology, and gender rules. Finally, they want a watch that speaks for itself with a name hidden only for yourself.

If you have fallen in love with their 30mm watches, but fancy larger pieces, then it is time to show your support as Freedom to Exist launched its 40mm timepieces in Kickstarter. The 40mm edition, as named after its size, comes with sophisticated features and tonal range of colors. It still features its clean and minimalist face improved by a domed glass for a more elegant look. This is inspired by vintage and antique watches. The no branding principle of the watch keeps the timepieces unassuming and understated. Designed for everyday life, the watch is crafted with genuine leather to ensure your most comfortable wear.

The production of the 40mm edition will initially be in two colors- rose gold case in either black or tan strap- and two other stretch watches. Turn this vision into a reality by showing support in their Kickstarter campaign. These are wearable watches designed for and by design-lovers.

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