Introducing NAM Watches

Introducing NAM Watches - Image 5

Introducing NAM Watches - Image 5

For some, one watch is never enough. But if you have an incredible piece that can take on whatever challenges and be there with you in all your journeys, one watch is everything you need. The search for a high quality timepiece that either takes the sole spot in your closet or a piece to add in your collection begins here with NAM Watches Co.

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Dedicated to offer superior quality pieces that come out as stylish and functional at a price you can afford, NAM Watches tells a story we can all relate to. While time is generally viewed as the most expensive thing in the world, what you do and how you spend it create our stories. These stories are priceless, stories which money cannot buy. But these stories can be recorded through the things that we share the moments with and seal them as memories. Wherever your life journey takes you and whatever story you decide to write, spend and cherish them with a timepiece you can always rely on.

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NAM Watches is founded by three gentlemen who share the same interest and passion in watchmaking. With their eye for stunning and impressive design and the use of the best materials, they have come up with a collection that is truly world-class. Each piece is marked with batik, a pride of Indonesia that embodies its identity and culture. NAM is derived from the term “Enam,” which means six in Bahasa. The company believes that daily transitions in life happen at six. You wake up or get off to school or work at six to take on the world in the morning, and then you come home or spend time with yourself, family and friends at six in the evening. Sunup or sundown, NAM Watches truly desires to become your reliable partner.

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