Introducing Pacific Watch: World’s First Waterproof Wooden Watch

Pacific Watch

Pacific Watch

When it comes to remarkable and distinctive timepieces, there is one brand that changed the way a watch looks and how we look at a watch. From the stainless steel watches we often see in the market, here comes a truly commendable and striking watch brand- the Pacific Standard Time. This brand has caught the attention of so many watch enthusiasts and collectors from different parts of the globe. This is not like any other wooden watch as it now comes with a feature that is perfect for those who have an active lifestyle and love outdoor adventure.

The Pacific Standard Time Co. started by a group of friends with diverse backgrounds from Palau, Philippines, Japan, Samoa, and Hawaii. They wanted to create a watch out of locally source materials in various regions around the Pacific Ocean, the largest body of water in the world. The watches are 100% original in design made from woods, stones, and metals. This their way of showing what the Pacific has to offer.

Pacific Standard Time brings you Oceania, the first and only waterproof wooden watch you can find. The watch takes pride of its 100 meters resistance under water. The Oceania collection is a tribute to and influenced by the group of islands in the Pacific. That is why the bezel of the case is designed with tattoo imagery that warriors had from across the regions around the Pacific. The hands, meanwhile, were inspired by the Samoan, Tongan, and Hawaiian spears.

There are wood options that you can choose from, which are Koa, Milo, and Mango. Each of them has its own attributes and features. Moreover, the inner casing of this watch is developed so it can withstand up to 100 meters depth. The materials and work applied for the construction of these watches represent the toughness and quality of each piece. These Pacific Standard Time watches are not produced by cutting down living trees. Thus, better make your order as early as now by backing or funding their campaign in Kickstarter.

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