Introducing the Richmond by Croft Watches

Croft Watches

Croft Watches

Believe it or not, there is a watch out there that you can take anywhere and that takes you to see places. While a watch collection sounds great, you do not have to spend much to make sure you have every watch you need for every occasion. When it comes to impeccable styling and impressive versatility, it is time that you get to know Croft’s The Richmond collection.

Croft Watches is an independent watch brand based in Melbourne, Australia and London, England. The company designs and produces high quality, yet affordable watches that are truly versatile. Croft’s founder believed that it is essential to have a product that feels at home in whatever situation and location, be it the board walk or the boardroom. Croft Watches now brings you the Richmond collection.

The Richmond collection is unlike any other. As you will see, from sales to design, materials, and supply, the Croft Watches has shown dedication and passion to create nothing less than the best. To ensure the accessibility of the watch in terms of price, the company has streamlined the process of delivering the watches to the consumer. Moreover, each piece has been crafted with attention to every detail, big or small, to ensure that nothing has been left untouched.

The Croft’s Richmond collection comes in four designs that feature matte black case and steel case with a selection of either a black or mahogany leather strap. They are constructed with a sapphire crystal lense and a surgical grade stainless steel case that is 43mm in diameter and 9.3mm thick. They are powered by the accurate Japanese Miyota Quartz movement and with the improved functionality of a day and date function.

With the Richmond collection by Croft Watches, you can show off a fresh-looking timepiece that is an absolute stunner while enjoying its unrivaled versatility. Make sure to get your own by supporting the Croft Watches’ Kickstarter campaign.


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