Introducing SOLOSCOPE Automatic Watch by XERIC (Watchismo)

The SOLOSCOPE Automatic Watch by XERIC

The SOLOSCOPE Automatic Watch by XERIC

We all live in such a fast-paced world and almost everyone rush to get what is new. This is why many end up with the same stuff at hand. The same goes with watches. But while many people fall for the mass produced timepieces, it is time that you get a unique watch that will surely make it through all the hype and trends. Now is the time to go solo with this SOLOSCOPE Automatic Watch by Xeric.

The home of the out-of-the-box yet affordable watches, Xeric, has a new offering for those who want to deviate from the craze. The SOLOSCOPE Automatic watch is the latest and boldest timepiece from Xeric. This watch features a striking design and timeless mechanics. From its look, you can easily tell how this brand takes your watch game to a whole new level.

SOLOSCOPE comes with an unusual, yet attractive display. The watch has a single hand that fuses hours and minutes where the hand encircles the hour and points to the minute. SOLOSCOPE separates display and mechanism, which is why the other half of the face exhibits the twin balance wheels and the mechanics that power the watch. This timepiece is powered by the motion of the wrist and it is just right that it is designed with a stunning leather strap. You can really tell that this mechanical watch is a work of art you can wrap around the wrist. For people who want to experience the same majestic design, but at a more accessible price, Xeric lets its supporters own one with a premium Japanese Miyota Quartz movement. The battery-powered version is just as stunning the automatic one, but only for a fraction of the price.

SOLOSCOPE is a limited edition watch as like any other Xeric watch, it is hand-built. Thus, you can expect excellent watchmaking and craftsmanship with superb attention to detail and optimum care put into making each piece. The SOLOSCOPE Automatic watch is great offering by Xeric, which has always been passionate in designing and producing mechanical timepieces at a price accessible to many watch enthusiasts. Get yourself a limited edition SOLOSCOPE watch by reaching them in their Kickstarter campaign.


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