Introducing Straton Curve-Chrono Watch

Straton WC

Straton WC

For a moment, shift your fascination on cars to the much accessible watches. These are not your ordinary timepieces as each piece is designed to pay tribute to the great watches, cars, and races in the colorful era of the 70’s. While many watch brands have attempted to do the same, very few have succeeded and made a significant mark in the watch industry. One of the few is the Straton Watch Company.

The Straton Watch Co. was first launched in Kickstarter in 2015. The company was started by Kyle, who was then a 30-year-old classic car and watch enthusiast. With his interest on watches and cars and passion to create an exclusively automotive-themed brand, Straton gave birth to the Vintage Driver Chrono. Through a Kickstarter campaign, the Vintage Driver Chrono reached by over 1000% from its fund goal and sold about 800 pieces across the globe. From this global success, here comes another Straton masterpiece- the Straton Curve Chrono.

Straton Curve-Chrono is the latest automotive-themed timepiece from this remarkable brand. It aims to come up with an array of timepieces that feature 70’s retro feels and inspired by the cars, races, and watches in the said era that include the Targa Florio race in Italy famous for its Grande circuit covering 2000 corners in a 148-kilometer lap. The term “Curve” in the name of the newest Straton watch means “curves, bends, or corners” in the Italian definition of the said word.

The Straton Curve-Chrono comes in two case sizes, 39.5mm and 42mm, and in two movement options with the option with or without date window. It also features seven racing-inspired NATO straps and a choice of two caseback designs. The wide-ranging selection aims to give the customers their preferred styling and design, especially since price is also a decision factor. If you want to own one, join them for an awesome ride by supporting their Kickstarter campaign.


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