Introduction a New Australian Watch Brand – Huckleberry & co. (Press Release)

Introduction a New Australian Watch Brand - Huckleberry & co.

Introduction a New Australian Watch Brand - Huckleberry & co.

Huckleberry & Co. would like to introduce you to the launch of our new automatic timepiece series – The Archibald.

Inspired by traditional Bauhaus designs, we wanted to design a watch that would be contemporary enough to stand out from the 1930s but also traditional enough that it would be able to stand the test of time.

In an industry that is quickly heading towards smart functions and sensors, we felt although convenient, these watches will be rendered useless after a few years due to the constant change in technology. It is important for us to go back to the traditional roots of mechanical watches – an art that requires no batteries or ageing chips and bring it into the 21st century.

H Mechanical watches are mostly known to watch aficionados so our aim is to use design to attract and inform the mass market and rebuild the appreciation of the art of horology.

To fulfill our vision, Archibald will be launching on Kickstarter in November 2015. Funds will be used to increase inventory, marketing and establish our next designs.

Early bird prices will start from $380AUD ($250USD) and post Kickstarter price will retail at $490AUD ($345USD).

Design & Specifications

Archibald is designed to pay homage to the    Bauhaus era.  Free of distractions, the   focus is on form and simplicity.

We begin with a thin clean bezel 40mm in diameter free of any adornments to keep the focus on the dial. The dial uses smaller fonts along with a sans-serif typeface to help keep the face clean.

Rather than trying to hide the 1cm thickness of the case through tapering, we embrace the height by designing the sides so that they sit straight up at 90 degrees to focus on simplicity. The height and weight also provides an increased sense a luxury and quality.

The attached crown is thinner than most to keep  profile minimal whilst balanced by a knurled pattern to improve the grip.

Connecting the straps to the dial, 20mm wired lugs have been used to provide a more delicate connection and prevent distractions from the face.

Powered by the Japanese Miyota 9132 automatic movement, the Archibald features the following components:

  1. Automatic winding
  2. Hand winding
  3. Date
  4. Power reserve dial
  5. 24 hour dial
  6. 3 central hands

The second hand will continue to beat at 28,800bph giving a silky smooth sweep for up to 40-plus hours without movement. Power can be restored via movement or hand winding the crown clockwise.

Covering the dial is a flat sapphire crystal for improved durability whilst the case is rated up to 5ATM in water resistance.

Introduction a New Australian Watch Brand - Huckleberry & co. 2

Contact us

We are based in Melbourne, Australia and can be contactable via the following channels:

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @huckleberrywatch