Japan's Most Popular Watches

In the land of the rising sun, Japan has been a technological powerhouse throughout the years. Pioneering the technological movement, providing high-quality electronics at competitive prices, the Japanese changed the landscape and paved the way for the future and what it was going to look like. They also changed the landscape of wristwatches, which were once dominated by mechanical watches made in Switzerland.

Dubbed by watchmakers around the world as ‘The Quartz Crisis’ of the 1970s, the Japanese watchmakers started a revolution, producing quartz-made timepieces which were more accurate as the mechanical counterparts for competitive or sometimes, more affordable, pricing than the competition.

The movement, which almost put Swiss-made watch production to a standstill, changed how people perceived technology coming from Japan and put them in a different league above everyone else. Let us give you a rundown of some of Japan’s most popular watch brands and a curated selection from each brand.

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