Lever Escapement

Watch 101 - What is Lever Escapement

Watch 101 - What is Lever Escapement

The most common pick in watchmaking is the lever escapement. Out of all types of escapement, this one is smaller with a fork shaped lever located in between the escape wheel and the balance. As the balance oscillates, the jewels located on each end of the fork’s tip help in locking and unlocking the escape wheel. Each time the lever unlocks the escape wheel, the unlocked tooth slides along the receding jewel’s face and this sliding force imparts impulse, through the lever, to the balance wheel, keeping it oscillating.

This type of escapement is shock resistant which made it the most common pick by watch makers. It is properly lubricated and set resulting to higher accuracy. The thing with this type is the fact that it requires oil so that the contact of the lever jewels with the escape wheel teeth is smooth. The lever escapement was found by Thomas Mudge, an Englishman, during the 17s. Through time, his concept was developed as it became as useful as it is now.

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